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For fast coloring of stainless steel surface, I recommend the following methods

I believe that most of you have this kind of trouble at home, that is, when the stainless steel products are used for a long time, there will be rust, such as our lampblack machine or bowl. In fact, I can use vinegar to wash such small things or small places. But if it's the stainless steel escalator, we can't use vinegar to wash them no, and it's impossible to wash them, of course we can It's impossible to lose it. After all, mom and dad can't allow you to be such a loser. What should we do? Let's talk about this topic today. How can we make the stainless steel surface fast colored?

If there are only a few scratches, we can handle them by ourselves, and it's quite simple. First of all, add some hydrochloric acid to water, and then rub it on the scratch with stainless steel passivation paste, and then wash it with the prepared salt water. However, when we do it ourselves, we must pay attention to the fact that hydrochloric acid and stainless steel passivation paste are highly corrosive, so we'd better do it with gloves, otherwise it's easy to hurt our hands.

However, the above method is most suitable for products with small scale and low complexity. According to the different complexity, we choose different coloring methods. For those more complex products, we can choose the ion deposition oxide coloring method, which is to put stainless steel workpiece in the vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation plating. This method is not suitable for home furnishing, because it is too complex to be suitable for those factories.

Of course, there are many methods for stainless steel surface coloring, such as surface whitening, sandblasting, etc. you can choose a more appropriate method according to the degree of stainless steel needs coloring. In fact, in my opinion, if it's only for our home, the first method I recommend is the most appropriate one, which is not only low cost, but also convenient for only one person It can save a lot of labor. Well, I've introduced so many things. I hope one of them is suitable for you.