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Russia's most beautiful female soldier's face

Russia recently held a nationwide photo competition for the most beautiful female guards. The final winner was brigadier Anna & middot; heramazova, a policeman from Yekaterinburg. More than 57000 people voted for her. What do you think of it?

Recently, the results of the Russian guards' most beautiful female soldier 'photography competition were announced. It was a brigadier who won the championship. She had beautiful waist length blonde hair and accurate shooting skills, just like the sexy and beautiful "black widow" in the Avengers.

According to Russia today, the close guard, founded by Putin himself in 2016, recently held a "photo beauty contest", which attracted 57000 national votes. Finally, 31 year old brigadier Anna khramtsova won the title of "most beautiful soldier" among thousands of candidates.

Hermsova has blonde hair up to the waist. In the competition video, khramsova showed her sagacious and heroic manner when shooting. She fired four shots at the target, two of which hit 10 rings, while the other two hit 9 rings. She also claimed that everyone else had a manicure color matching the color of the handbag, and I usually love black nail polish because it matches the color of the gun.

Beh Ram Sowa likes to paint black nail polish with guns.

In an interview, khramsova said that she didn't want to participate in the beauty contest at the beginning and was afraid that her colleagues would have prejudice against her after she was elected. Previously, she had been unfairly treated by male colleagues for her appearance and blonde hair, but heramsova later said: 'I don't care, I just want to go with elegance'.

Her colleagues also spoke highly of her: "first, she is a professional guard soldier, and second, she is a woman. '

Khramsova also loves to keep fit

Heramazova belongs to the National Guard of Russia. Her daily work includes fighting terrorism, organized crime and defending national leaders. She has served for more than three years. Now 31, she was born into a military family. Her father has served in the Russian army for more than 30 years. Before joining the army, heramazova had a law degree and worked as a policeman for a while. At present, she is married and has a 7-year-old daughter. Heramazova admitted that in addition to joining the army, she also spent a lot of time looking after her children.

At the beginning of 2019, the Information Department of the Russian guards announced the beauty contest "beautiful Russian National Guards". The competition is divided into two stages: in the first stage, participants are required to explain their work experience and achievements in an interesting form, and to show their hobbies with a series of photos. A total of nearly 1000 guards participated in the beauty contest. On the official website of the Information Department of the guards, the heroism of other guards was also displayed. Photos of the winner and 12 other women who entered the finals will be used to create the Russian guards' 2020 calendar, the Russian guards Department said.

The Russian guard was founded by Putin himself in 2016, and its commander-in-chief is directly responsible for Putin. The functions of the guards include assault and arrest of suspect, and the right to enforce martial law in emergency situations. They have the right to implement siege actions to stop mass riots; to have the right to implement anti terrorist operations by force and to use force without warning when threats are coming.