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What super abilities does team leader Fu Lian 4 have? Can Captain Marvel win mieba

At the end of Fulian 3, half of them disappear. Captain 4 of the Avengers League comes to save the situation. Can captain 4 of Fulian 4 win the battle? How strong is the ability of Captain 4 of Fulian? What super abilities does captain 4 of Fulian have?

Can team leader Fu Lian 4 win mieba

Of course, the seven abilities of team leader Marvel can be used to kill the overlord. In the ending of "Fu Lian 3", mieba gives an order that half of the people disappear. Even our iron man wanders in the endless universe. At the end, the egg calls for team leader surprise, which makes many netizens rekindle their hope. In other words, many people don't know about Captain Marvel, a female character, who can defeat mieba? You don't believe it, really can!

What's Captain Marvel capable of

1. Foresight

We all know that the sixth sense of a woman is very strong, and the seventh sense is stronger than the surprise captain. That is, before the enemy moves, they can sense and even predict the next move (similar to the free extreme skill in Dragon Ball super), which can make the surprise captain attack more quickly and avoid any attack of the enemy without damage. This can be a complete victory.

2. Dimensional perception

If you say that, it's very powerful. If you say that the seventh sense is very powerful, this dimensional sense is absolutely invincible! Captain surprise, just look up at the sky, you can know all the things that are happening in the universe. Sense all the troubles that superheroes are dealing with so that they can be rescued in time.

3. Control gravity

There is a very interesting scene in the notice, that is, the first match between Raytheon and team leader marvel. In the face of Raytheon's hammer passing by, team leader Marvel didn't blink. Team leader Marvel can change the mass of any material by controlling gravity, such as making the villain's spaceship heavier, making it unable to fly out of the earth, or even making the bullet lighter than the feather. Therefore, any physical attack is invalid to team leader marvel. So, what is Raytheon's hammer?

4. Mutant mode

Raytheon's ability is beyond doubt. After all, it's God level. In a word, team leader marvel is not weak either. Team leader Marvel can be transformed into mutant mode with infinite power, and can lift more than 100 tons. However, in Fulian 3, mieba still has a little difficulty in lifting the 600 kg hawk. In terms of strength, Captain Marvel is not at a loss.

5. High speed flight

It's really advantageous to have super fast speed in fighting. In normal condition, Captain Marvel can fly at 6 times the speed of sound without any equipment. In mutant mode, he can fly at the speed of light. But to tell you the truth, in the face of space gems, the speed of light flight is of little significance.

6. Energy possession

Just look at the name. Mieba's glove ability is beyond doubt. However, when any ray type attack comes, such as the beam of light from mieba's infinite glove, team leader Marvel can absorb and convert this kind of attack into his own use.

7. Planet devourer

This should be the most powerful of all. Captain Marvel and one of the five gods of the universe planet devourer alliance, galactic king can bring people back to life ability. If you're right, it's possible that the superheroes will be resurrected through the Galactic king. And in the cartoon, the galaxy king and Captain Marvel do fight against mieba.