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How about going to Qingdao on May Day? The best travel strategy for Qingdao on May Day

May day is coming soon. Many friends will want to go out to play and relax during May Day. Qingdao is also a scenic spot that many people choose to travel. How about traveling to Qingdao during May Day? Are there many people going to Qingdao on May Day. Let's have a look!

How many people go to Qingdao on May 1, 2019

May day Qingdao Tourism

May day Qingdao travel itinerary recommendation

Day 1: trestle (1 hour) - Qingdao Catholic Church (1 hour) - Zhongshan Road Commercial Street (1-2 hours) - Qingdao Beer Museum (1-2 hours)

Badaguan scenic spot (1-3 hours) - Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (1-2 hours) - May 4th Square (1-2 hours)

In the morning, you can check out the landmark of Qingdao, Zhanqiao, and then visit the largest Roman Catholic Church in Qingdao. At noon, you can go to Zhongshan Road for food. In the afternoon, go to the beer museum to learn about the beer culture of Qingdao, and then go to Badaguan scenic area, known as the "World Architecture Expo", to enjoy many exotic villas. Then go to the Olympic Sailing Center, take a sailing boat to sea, and finally take a walk in Qingdao's most famous May 4th Square to experience the local life.

Day 2: Yangkou scenic spot (1-3 hours) - Laoshan Taiqing Palace (1-3 hours)

First, visit Yangkou scenic area of Laoshan mountain. There are many strange peaks and rocks, including Lion Peak, Xiantao stone, Shouzi peak and other famous landscapes, as well as Bailong cave, Youlong cave, Mitian cave and other caves. Standing in the Tianyuan at the top of the mountain, you can overlook the Yangkou beach at the foot of the mountain and the Yellow Sea in the distance. It is also an excellent place to watch the sunrise. Then go to Taiqing palace under Laojun peak at the southern foot of Laoshan mountain to experience Taoist culture, and then return to the urban area.

Day 3: Golden Beach (1-3 hours)

First, go to the golden beach. It is one of the most beautiful beaches in China with the finest sand quality, the largest area and the most beautiful scenery. It is known as "the first beach in Asia". After that, Wanda Park, the former Oriental film capital of Qingdao Island, consists of three parks: theme park, water world and film world. It is suitable for all seasons, and it is especially suitable for parent-child families.

Day 4: return trip

May day Qingdao tourism transportation and accommodation

May day Qingdao tourism strategy


1. Metro: at present, Qingdao Metro has only three lines running through the railway station and major scenic spots, and the small partners who need can apply for one-day card and three-day card to facilitate travel.

2. Public transportation: there are many public transportation lines in Qingdao, covering every corner of the main urban area. It takes about ten minutes to travel, and the ticket price is one yuan

3. Taxi: Qingdao city center is not big, the price is generally 10 yuan starting;

get accommodation:

Here are four areas to choose from:

1. Qingdao railway station near Zhongshan Road: it is also the most popular accommodation area with convenient transportation.

2. City Government may 4th Square: the average price of accommodation here is a little higher than that at the railway station, but the environment is better.

3. Along the line 3 subway: go to Li village. The price is cheaper than the first two. Take the subway to the scenic spot for about half an hour.

4. Taidong pedestrian street nearby, relatively quiet, convenient transportation

Tips: recommended Hotels: Anlan wenlv Seaview Hotel (low season reference price 89 / night); 7-day chain hotel Taidong Pedestrian Street store (110 / night)

May day Qingdao tourism consumption reference:

Consumption level

The consumption level of Qingdao is of the first class in China.

Catering: Qingdao cuisine is mainly seafood, such as abalone, sea cucumber, crab, prawns, shrimps and tigers. The consumption is relatively high, generally the lowest is 40 yuan / share. If you buy prawns by catty or go to the market by yourself, the price is about 60 yuan / catty, Spanish mackerel, hairtail and other seafood is about 30 yuan / catty. The cheapest is stir fried clams 18-30 yuan / share. If you don't eat seafood, you can have a good meal with a dish of spareribs and rice (15-20 yuan). Ordinary Tsingtao beer is about 5-10 yuan / bottle in the supermarket, and draft beer in the restaurant is 20-30 yuan / bottle.

Accommodation: take the area of trestle Zhongshan Road, where tourists are most concentrated, as an example, the cheapest one is CYTS multi room hotel, which costs 40 yuan / person, and the others are economy hotels, with standard room of 100-300 yuan / night.

Transportation: bus is the main way to travel in the city, and the ticket price is 1-2 yuan. However, many scenic spots are close and can be reached on foot, so the transportation cost is not high. At present, the starting price of taxi is 10 yuan.