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How to go to QQ space that is not a friend? Teach you how to bypass the other QQ space permissions

Sometimes we will check some non friends' QQ space, how to go to the non friends' QQ space? The following small series teach you how to bypass each other QQ space permissions.

Methods / steps:

If you know each other's QQ number, you can log in our QQ number on the computer first. Then click search below the main interface of QQ.

Enter the search friends interface, input the other party's QQ, click search.

After the search results, click the avatar of the other party to enter the information interface of the other party. There is a space icon in the lower left corner. Click to enter. Of course, if the other party has permission settings, it is impossible to enter.

We can also directly use the browser to search, input the official website at the top of the browser, and then input the other party's QQ number at the back of the website, or link to the other party's QQ space.

In our space, you can also view some non friend spaces. First click the space sign of our QQ main interface to enter our space.

Then find the personal center above the QQ interface and select the personal center.

At the bottom left of the page, there are traces of others who have seen me. If there are non friends who have seen me, you can click on the other person's Avatar to enter the other person's space. Click on my home page to see who has seen me on the right side of the page.

If the non friends you want to view are in the same group with you, open the group chat information and find the other party's member information, you can find the space icon and enter the other party's space to view the information.