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Why does mieba like Carmela instead of nebula? Why nebulae are not valued

In the series of reconnection, both Carmela and Xingyun are the adopted daughters of mieba, but mieba only likes Carmela and is indifferent to Xingyun like an ordinary subordinate. Why does mieba like Carmela instead of Xingyun?

Why does mieba like Carmela instead of Xingyun

Mieba likes Kamala because Kamala is very similar to mieba before. Mieba has not been loved by his parents since he was born. Since he was bullied from childhood, no one likes mieba. When mieba grew up, he ruled Titan by power, and wanted to destroy half of the life in the universe and save the rest of the people from suffering.

Kamala's family was killed by mieba. Kamala was the only one left in the whole race. At that time, Kamala was still a little girl. When she first met mieba, the enemy of mieba, she was not afraid. She also asked mieba's family.

Mieba couldn't bear to adopt Carmela. Carmela was very similar to mieba when he was a child, so mieba wanted to make up for his regret when he was a child. Even though Carmela often contradicted mieba, mieba didn't care.

What's the reason why mieba doesn't pay attention to nebulae

The character of Xingyun is not as good as Carmela. Xingyun used to be too competitive and resourceless. The more Xingyun wanted to get the attention of mieba, the more mieba felt that Xingyun was not as good as Carmela. Therefore, she preferred Carmela and was indifferent to Xingyun.

Carmela and Xingyun have the same life experience, but Carmela is mieba's first adopted daughter. Everyone will pay special attention to her first child. After all, it's the first time in her life to be a parent. Even mieba is of great significance, and mieba's childhood is not good.

Carmela is more powerful than Xingyun in all aspects. He is brave and resourceful. Mieba thinks highly of Carmela and even wants to pass on his position to him. However, Xingyun hopes to get attention and fails again and again. In mieba's mind, Xingyun is hard to become a great weapon, so he will pay more attention to Carmela.