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Can I have tea during menstruation? What is the effect of drinking tea during menstruation

Menstruation is a special thing for women, during this period of daily life and diet is very important, in terms of diet, women in addition to not suitable for eating cold frozen food, what can not eat? For example, can menstruation drink tea? If menstruation drink tea, what impact on women? Let's understand.

Can I have tea during menstruation

You can drink tea in proper amount during menstruation. As long as you don't drink too much (no more than one cup), it won't have much impact on women's health.

Of course, the above is suitable for people with good physique. If you have less menstruation or dysmenorrhea, you are not recommended to drink tea during menstruation, because tea has a certain astringent and stimulating effect. Drinking tea may aggravate women's dysmenorrhea.

Women are not recommended to drink strong tea during menstruation. The tannic acid content in strong tea is higher, which will affect the absorption of nutrition by women's body and lead to insufficient nutrition acquisition during menstruation.

What is the effect of drinking tea during menstruation

Drinking a lot of tea during menstruation may bring the following effects to women. We should pay attention to the following problems

1. Aggravate dysmenorrhea and headache.

Menstrual women's endocrine is more disordered, some women will be accompanied by some menstrual discomfort symptoms, such as headache, dysmenorrhea, breast pain and so on, if you do not want these conditions to become serious, then the diet is to prohibit stimulating food, especially such as tea, which can stimulate people's nerves, make the body more excited, menstrual syndrome become serious.

2. Aggravate constipation.

Many people have experienced menstrual constipation, because during this period, women will secrete a lot of luteinizing hormone, which is the main culprit of menstrual constipation. In menstrual diet, we should pay more attention to eating foods that are easy to digest and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis. At this time, it is not recommended to drink a lot of tea, because the tannic acid in tea will inhibit intestinal peristalsis, lead to long-term retention of feces and aggravate constipation What's going on.

3. Causes malnutrition.

Another disadvantage of drinking a lot of tea during menstruation is that it will affect the absorption and utilization of trace elements, especially iron ions. Tea is rich in tannic acid, which can quickly combine with iron ions to produce precipitates, resulting in the body's inability to absorb iron normally. Menstruation is the need to add a certain amount of iron, so it is not recommended to drink too much tea, people who have the habit of drinking tea drink less or not.