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Why is canned herring so smelly? The right way to eat herring can

Before a blogger recorded a video of eating canned herring by himself. The blogger described the taste of canned herring as if the cesspool had been blown up. No matter how you brush your teeth after eating, the taste will not dissipate. It will last for several days. The feeling to others is whether you eat excrement or not. Later, the canned herring became the dark food of net red, which also attracted many people to challenge. So why do you think canned herring stinks? What's the taste of canned herring.

Why is canned herring so smelly

Canned herring is a kind of canned food with malodorous smell and sour taste, which is made from processed herring and fermented naturally. The stink of canned herring is different from that of other foods, such as stinky tofu. Although it smells stinky, you can still feel it in your mouth. The smell of canned herring is pure. It's not only smelling, but also eating. Most people don't have any feeling of enjoyment. Even a small number of canned herring lovers have to block their noses to begin to enjoy this kind of delicious food. The right way to eat herring can

In fact, as long as the canned herring is eaten in the right way, it can enjoy its unique flavor. Open the can to eat directly will not only make you feel salty, but also make your taste buds suffer too much stimulation and discomfort. The right way to eat it is as a side dish or in a bread sandwich.

Production and origin of canned herring

There are two versions of the origin of canned herring in Sweden. One is that early Swedes pickled herring with a small amount of salt to prevent it from rotting; the other is that the first group of Swedish sailors sold rotten fish to the Finns in a deceptive way. A year later, when the sailors returned to their hometown, the Finn asked if there were any rotten fish to sell and how many. Driven by curiosity, Swedish sailors also tasted the fish and found that it tasted good. So the Swedes began to make pickled fish. After constant exploration and improvement, it became today's Canned herring.

Why can herring be produced when it stinks

On this point, I think people in every region have different tastes. Just like preserved eggs and stinky tofu in China, foreigners can't accept them. As a man at the top of the food chain, bell griers can eat all the most disgusting food in the world, but he can't eat the preserved eggs that Chinese people are used to. Therefore, we can see the different tastes. That's what canned herring means.