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How much does it cost to transfer ownership to license plate? List of procedures for car ownership t

In addition to paying for the purchase of second-hand cars, there will be corresponding fees when handling the transfer and registration of vehicles. And these expenses are mainly value-added tax, service fee, license plate and driving license production fee. So how much does it cost to transfer ownership and license plate? The following car transfer procedures to understand.

The transaction transfer fee, that is, the transfer fee, is charged at 5 & permil; of the assessed price of the vehicle, and the payment of this fee is negotiated by the buyer and the seller. For example, a 2015 corolla is estimated to be 100000 yuan, and the transfer fee is 100000 yuan * 5 & permil; = 500. Note: the transfer fee has nothing to do with the actual transaction price of the car. If the actual transaction price of the car is 96000 yuan, it is still calculated based on the appraisal price of 100000 yuan. Other expenses include: 180 yuan for vehicle evaluation, 80 yuan for vehicle inspection, and 150 yuan for ticketing.

Beijing used car transfer fee is almost the same, the minimum transfer fee is 200 yuan, the maximum transfer fee is 800 yuan, including 200 yuan for less than 1.0L displacement, 400 yuan for 1.0l-1.9l displacement, 600 yuan for 2.0l-2.9l displacement, and 800 yuan for 3.0L and above.

At present, in addition to the charge according to the displacement of second-hand car, the other items are rigid indicators, such as agency fee, vehicle evaluation fee, vehicle inspection fee, ticket issuing fee, etc. The agency fee refers to the agency fee generated by the transfer of ownership by the entrusted operating company, and the charging standard is generally about 200 yuan; the transaction transfer fee is charged according to 5% of the vehicle evaluation price, which is decided by the buyer and the seller through negotiation; the vehicle evaluation fee is generally about 180 yuan, the vehicle inspection fee is 80 yuan, and the fare is 150 yuan. Therefore, the total transfer cost of a used car with an estimated price of 100000 yuan is about 1110 yuan.

Second hand car ownership transfer costs are slightly different across the country, different cities, the specific second-hand car ownership transfer costs are not the same. Among them, Guangdong and Shenzhen's second-hand car transfer fee mainly includes license plate 100 yuan and transfer fee 260 yuan, and other fees add up to about 500 yuan; Shanghai's transfer fee is generally 700-850 yuan; Sichuan's is 260 yuan; Zhejiang's is 350-1000 yuan; Anhui's is 100 yuan.

If you buy a second-hand car from another place, you should comprehensively calculate whether it is worth the money. Although the price of a second-hand car is relatively cheap, the condition of the second-hand car you want to buy is at least better than the condition of the second-hand car in your city. At the same time, you should also account for the round-trip fare, accommodation, vehicle transfer transaction, transfer in inspection and registration, to see whether the overall price is cost-effective.

In addition, with the improvement of environmental protection standards, many places have raised the 'threshold' for the settlement of vehicles. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to whether the purchased vehicles meet the standards and the vehicle landing policy. At present, the main thing is to limit the emission standards and registration years of vehicles. In some areas, the emission standards of vehicles have been raised to the fourth national standard. In Beijing, the emission standards of vehicles have been raised to the fifth national standard. In some places, the registration years of vehicles are also limited. For example, in Hebei, Shijiazhuang, the policy of restricting the settlement of vehicles is to achieve the fourth national standard within five years settle.