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What's the date of mother's day in 2019? Mother's Day dates around the world

Mother is the greatest person in the world, and maternal love is the most selfless love in the world. Every year we have a special day to express our gratitude and love to our mother. That's mother's day. Do you know the date of this year's mother's day.

What month is mother's day in 2019

Every year's mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May, so the date will be different, which day is not easy to remember. Mother's day in 2019 is on Sunday, May 12. On Mother's day, don't forget to express your love and thanks to your mother. Xiaobian thinks that giving a gift to your mother is the best way.

Mother's Day dates around the world

Many countries celebrate their mother's day at different times of the year. However, most countries such as Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, Belgium and China celebrate Mother's day on the second Sunday of May. August 12 is mother's day in Thailand every year. In Japan, the third Sunday in October is the Japanese mother's day. Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in February in Norway, on the second Sunday in October in Argentina, and on the last Sunday in May in Sweden.

The origin of mother's Day

Celebrating mother's Day originated from the folk customs of ancient Greece. At that time, the ancient Greeks paid homage to Hera, the mother of the gods in Greek mythology. In the middle of the 17th century, mother's day spread to Britain, the British people take the fourth Sunday of Lent as mother's day. In 1913, the U.S. Congress passed a bill, which will be implemented 5 times a year

The second Sunday of May is the legal mother's day. On this day, young people who are away from home will come home and bring some small gifts to their mothers. Mother's day has been around since then.