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How to send the new wechat instant video? Introduction of new wechat instant video release

Whenever and wherever possible, the new WeChat tiktok has an instant video to share with you. Your video is like shaking. Then, do you know how the new WeChat instant video is delivered? Here is an introduction to the new version of wechat instant video release.

Methods / steps:

Open the wechat in your mobile phone. The new version of wechat is a little lighter than before. Did you find it?

Then click on the row of icons under 'my' wechat, on the far right.

'My 'click on the icon with a small camera on it. Then you can record the video. Video inside, you can add expressions, text, music Oh.

At this time, the key point comes. How to delete it? Back to our interface, the video you just released is just above the wechat. Pull down, enter, long press and delete.

The new version of wechat has a feeling that it wants to occupy more video market. Anyway, it's good to bring convenience to everyone.