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Is tmall free call true? Free call opening steps of tmall spirit

Tmall genie is really fun. I bought it for my niece before, but later I fell in love with it. Now tmall genie is about to open the free call function. This news really makes everyone excited. Then the editor will teach you how to open the free call function of tmall genie.

How to open tmall free call? Is tmall free call true

Cat spirit announced that the free call function will be launched soon, and the official launch time is April 29. At that time, just say 'tmall elf, I want to call'.

To make a phone call with tmall Genie voice, you need to add a contact on tmall Genie app in advance, and then say 'I want to make a phone call' to the speaker.

You don't have to worry about missing a call. You just need to say, 'what's the matter with tmall genie?', and then tmall Genie will broadcast missed calls and unread messages.

Free call opening steps of tmall spirit

The above is the tmall spirit free call is true? Tmall spirit free call to open all the contents of the method, thank you very much for reading.