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How to drink saffron best? Efficacy and taboo of saffron

There are many ways to eat saffron, different people have different eating habits, so how to drink or according to personal ideas, then what are the eating methods and taboos of Saffron? Let's take a look.

How to drink saffron best

There are many ways to drink saffron, different people have different eating habits, such as some people like to drink water, some people like to drink a few cups, saffron tea, wine, porridge, soup, food and other eating methods can meet the needs of different people, to explore how to drink saffron best, it is necessary to distinguish according to the effect of individual want to achieve.

1. For daily health care, improve immunity of parents, it is recommended to use the way of tea, each time with 5-10 saffron, add water about 3 times, and then take with silk.

2. For those who want to achieve the effect of regulating menstruation or promoting blood circulation, it is suggested to make tea or wine. Usually when cooking porridge or soup can also add saffron, so the effect will be better.

3, for those who want to have beauty, freckle and endocrine, it is suggested that in addition to the above methods, the saffron can be ground into powder, and then turn it into a saffron red wine mask or a saffron whitening mask. Once a week, apply the mask 2-3 times. The beauty and freckle effect will surprise you.

Saffron eating methods and taboo saffron eating methods

1. The general way to eat is to take 5-8 pieces of water to drink each time, stop drinking for three days, or once every other day. Every day 6 to 8 pieces of silk, soak in water to drink 3 or 4 cups of water, adhere to the use, for prevention and health care, can play a very good role in beauty and health care, such a small amount of long-term use, the drug is mild, the effect is very good, but the key lies in persistence.

2. Use alone: you can take the juice directly by decocting. You can also use boiling water to brew saffron for 4 times. Friends who drink wine can soak 4 grams of saffron in 1 jin wine for half a month and take it daily.

3. Saffron rice: wash the rice, add 3-5 pieces of saffron, 3-5 pieces of Cardamon, proper amount of water, cook, add fried cashew nuts, cheese, salt, coconut, mix well,

4. The way of taking medicine is according to the doctor's advice, needless to say (the dosage of medicine is generally 3-9g).

Saffron taboo

The main contraindications of saffron use are pregnant women, menstrual period and hemorrhagic patients. It is written on the data that saffron should be used with caution, which means that saffron can be used under the guidance of doctors in these situations, but please note that it must be used under the guidance of doctors. Because caution is a prerequisite, it is generally recommended that pregnant women, menstrual, bleeding patients should not use.

Pregnant women banned crocus because crocus can excite the uterus and promote uterine contraction. High dose of Crocus has the risk of abortion, but it does not necessarily occur. Because of the risk, it is recommended to disable it. Many people misunderstand saffron as an abortion drug, which is very wrong. Pregnant women may have miscarriage if they use large doses of any tonic, medicine or even some food. The story about saffron causing abortion or even infertility in TV series is very absurd. Before marriage or pregnancy, you can use saffron to nourish your body, which will not cause infertility in the future. Data show that saffron can be used to treat some infertility.