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Can I put sugar in poached eggs? How to make poached eggs froth

Eggs are very nutritious. Many people like to eat boiled eggs in white water at breakfast, and then they can eat two pieces of bread. In addition to boiled eggs in white water, there are many ways to make eggs, and poached eggs are also one of them. Can you put sugar in boiled poached eggs? What can you do when poached eggs froth?

Can I put sugar in poached eggs

You can put rock sugar in poached eggs. Egg is sweet and smooth in nature. It can return to the spleen and stomach meridian. It can nourish the lung and blood, nourish yin and moisten dryness. It is used for deficiency of Qi and blood, febrile disease and thirst, and fetal restlessness. It is a common food to support healthy qi. It has the functions of Tonifying Qi, nourishing Yin, moistening lung, relieving cough and resolving phlegm. It has the function of tonifying spleen and lung, nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

How can poached eggs be boiled

You can't beat a poached egg. As soon as you do it, the eggs will rot and the eggs won't aggregate. Therefore, you need a method to beat a poached egg. You can't beat a poached egg when the water is too boiling, or it will be easily washed away by water. It's better to change the fire to a medium or small fire when the water is about to boil. In this way, the eggs are not easy to appear in bulk, and the poached eggs are lighter than scrambled eggs, Keep the delicious eggs, not too greasy, for can not eat greasy food, choose to eat poached eggs is a good choice.

How to foam the poached eggs

1. Heat the pan to make sure there is no water at all, then turn off the fire.

2. Pour in a little bit of salad oil (about a teaspoon) and turn the pan so that the bottom of the pan is covered with oil.

3. Turn down the heat, about 30 seconds later, gently beat an egg up. (that is, don't be too high away from the pot. Beat the eggs as close to the bottom of the pot as possible. If you're afraid of the bad shape, beat them in the bowl first and then into the pot.).

4. After another 30 seconds, pour a little water around the protein and immediately cover the pan.

5. Wait a minute, and then it will be finished (remember not to turn on the fire too much, and don't pour too much water).