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What does deoxyribose mean? Deoxyribose is too dirty

What is deoxyribose? What is the meaning? Where does deoxyribose come from. Netizens also use 'deoxyribose' to refer to crackling behavior. This kind of network language is really dirty.

What is deoxyribose

Deoxyribonucleic acid, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, is expressed in English as deoxyribonucleic acid. It may be strange to see the word, but its abbreviation 'DNA' must be familiar to everyone. It is not only the main chemical component of chromosome, but also the material of gene. It is sometimes called 'genetic particle' because in the process of reproduction, the parents copy part of their own DNA and pass it on to the offspring, thus completing the transmission of traits. Because the main component of sperm is DNA, so the popular word is usually used to refer to sperm, and netizens will also use 'deoxyribose' to refer to the slapping behavior.

The development of deoxyribose

Nowadays, many simple words in the past have become more and more connotative, but people are speaking more and more tactfully. It's time to slap with you, hahaha, xxoo and invite you to eat deoxyribose. I believe many friends who used to be bad at chemistry must have a deep impression on 'deoxyribose'. Senior managers can put more euphemism on this behavior by directly moving out the molecular formula C5 H10 O4 of 'deoxyribose'. Who would have thought that we all love learning now? Congratulations.


Xiaohua: a sword. I want sugar.

Yijian: good! I'll take you to eat after work.

Xiaohua: what kind of sugar?

A sword: deoxyribose.