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Who is the most fertile woman in the world? 44 children born at the age of 39

Do you know who is the most fertile woman in the world? At the age of 39, she has given birth to 44 children, which is incredible! There is a woman named Mariam in Uganda, Africa Nabatanzi's mother married her 40 year old husband when she was only 12 years old. She had a special constitution to produce 'multiple births'. She gave birth to 44 children when she was only 39 years old. However, because her father couldn't bear the long-term hardship, she left her family and ran away. Nabatanzi had to shoulder the economic burden and take care of all the children.

A 39 year old woman in Uganda, who has raised 38 children of her own, has given birth to six pairs of twins, four sets of triplets and five sets of quadruplets, six of which died prematurely. However, her cruel husband abandoned them, and she had to raise all her children by herself.

The woman, named Mariam, married at the age of 12, the Daily Mail reported on the 25th. After giving birth to twins on her first birth, Mariam went to see a doctor. The doctor told her that her uterus was very unusual and that taking contraceptives would cause damage to her body. So Mariam's kids keep coming.

Two and a half years ago, Mariam was pregnant for the last time and had complications. These are her sixth twins, but one of them died in childbirth, her sixth child.

According to the world bank, Uganda has an average fertility rate of five to six children per woman, the highest on the African continent. But even in Uganda, Mariam's family size is extreme.

However, Mariam was abandoned by her husband and began to raise 38 children by herself. Now, the name of the cruel husband has become a curse in the family. 'I grew up with tears, my man made me suffer a lot,' and 'I spent all my time taking care of my children and trying to make money. '

In order to make money, Mariam did a lot of work: hairdressing, decoration, collecting and selling scrap metal, brewing wine and selling herbs. The money is spent on food, health care, clothing and tuition.

In fact, Mariam yearns for a big family, which originates from the tragedy of her childhood. Three days after she was born, her mother abandoned her father, her and her five brothers and sisters. After her father remarried, her stepmother poisoned her five brothers and sisters, and she escaped by visiting a relative.

'I was seven years old and too young to understand what death meant. 'when Mariam grew up, she hoped to have six children to build a big family, but she didn't expect to have so many.

Providing shelter for 38 children is an ongoing challenge. She and her children live in a village surrounded by coffee plantations 50 kilometers north of Kampala, with the family huddled in four small houses. The 12 children live in one room and sleep on Metal Bunk beds with thin mattresses. In other rooms, lucky kids sleep on shared mattresses, while others sleep on dirt floors.

Older children help to take care of younger children, and everyone helps to cook. Mariam said that a day may need 25 kilograms of corn meal, fish and meat are rare food. She also said that the biggest wish now is to make children happy. 'I started to take on adult responsibilities at a very young age, and I don't think I've been happy since I was born. '