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What's the meaning of the ending of the United States team? Why can the US team pick up Thor's hamme

I don't know if you remember who can pick up the hammer of thunder array. Odin, the father of Thunder God, once put a spell on the hammer of Thunder God. Only those who have autonomy can hold the hammer. So why can the U.S. team also pick up Thor's hammer?

It's obvious that the condition of being able to pick up Thor's hammer has nothing to do with strength, but has something to do with character. Only those who are very just and pure in heart can pick up Thor's hammer. Captain America is the leader of the Avengers alliance. He is a man with inner justice and almost no stain on his conduct. So it is reasonable that he can pick up Thor's hammer. When Thor was demoted at the beginning, he can't hold Thor's hammer. After some experience, he can only pick up Thor's hammer again after having Asgard's people in his heart. Let's look at it in detail

In "Avengers 4: the final battle", the scene of the American captain lifting Thor's hammer makes many audiences feel blood boiling, and this fight is also one of the highlights of the whole film. The American captain's fighting skills are very strong. He will be defeated by mieba after winning the thunder hammer. Unfortunately, although the American team can fight, the damage is not enough. Finally, he is defeated by mieba. In terms of netizens' ridicule, it's like: 'it's a fussy show, it's useless...'

So why can Captain America lift Thor's hammer? Thor's hammer is the most powerful weapon in Nordic mythology. It's the weapon used by Thor. This hammer is called mjolnier, which rocky got by accident when he was teasing the gods and dwarfs. It was later handed over to Thor for use.

Here's how to popularize science. It's not only Thor and Captain America who hold up Thor's hammer, but also black widow, storm girl, naughty boy, spider man, vision, grute, Hella, the God of death, etc.

As for why these people can lift the hammer, mjolnier has Odin's mantra: "anyone who has justice and is fit can control the hammer!" as long as justice is combined with faith, he has the qualification to lift the hammer.

Besides, there is an inscription on the side of Thor's hammer: "who ever holds this hammer, if he is worth it, shall posses the power of Thor.". )

Captain America has noble qualities and is the embodiment of justice. His justice is very pure, so he can use Thor's hammer.

What's the meaning of the ending of the United States team

Those who have seen "Avengers 4" are impressed by the aging of the US team. A lot of people have questioned what happened to the aging of the Chinese and American teams in Fu Lian 4, how did the old American team explain the aging in the end, and what are the reasons and logic?

In fact, if we analyze the plot carefully, we will find that after returning the jewel, the US team chose to live with Peggy for the first time, which is for sure. But there are a lot of guesses about why the US team is getting older. The first guess is that the US team does not go back to the past, but to the parallel space. When he returns the gem, the parallel universe disappears, the reality merges and revises, and there is only one world. Therefore, the US team is as old as normal people after a lifetime.

The second analysis is that the U.S. team spent a lifetime in parallel space, and then used PIM particles to return to the present after getting old.

The third guess is that there are countless parallel spaces, and each American team makes the same choice when it goes back. Every universe has an ice bound American team and a normal life American team. Finally, the ice bound American team goes back to a normal life and circulates all the time. The American team is getting older.

The U.S. team is not immortal. It's always going to die. It didn't die because it was frozen.

Which analysis is more reasonable? What do you think?