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Is the next predecessor predecessor 4? The story of the next predecessor

The film "the next predecessor" is starred by Guo Caijie, Zheng Kai, Li Dongxue and others. It is expected that the film will be released on May 1. Is it a little excited? What is the plot of the next predecessor? Let's take a look.

When will the next predecessor be on

Zheng Kai, Guo Caijie, Li Dongxue and others starred in the film "the next term: the former" was released on May 1. This film tells the story of Lin Xintian, a girl who has a rough love road and always changes her current term into her former one. However, in the end, happiness still finds her. Among the two pursuers of perfect lover Wuchuan and first love male god Huang Kequn, how should she choose to find true love?

Lin Xintian is played by Guo Caijie, Wu Chuan is played by Zheng Kai, and Huang Kequn is played by Li Dongxue. Li Dongxue once played the seventeen elder brother Yunli in the legend of Zhen Huan. In addition to these three actors, Liu Xinyou, Li Ronghao, Xie Yilin and LAN Xinmei also play. It can be regarded as a film with a good lineup.

However, because of Zheng Kai's reasons and the "predecessor" series, the film was mistakenly regarded as "predecessor 4" by netizens. The official micro blog of the "predecessor" series issued a statement: "please stop your infringement!" saying that "next generation: predecessor" is not the "predecessor" series, which means that we don't want the film to be publicized under the banner of "predecessor series" and let others mistakenly think it's "predecessor" It's from Tian Yusheng company.

The original name of the film was "time difference", and later it was changed to "next generation: predecessor", which is suspected to be very hot. And the hero is Zheng Kai, many netizens have said: 'is this Zheng Kai doing with his predecessor?' "Zheng Kai's representative works: all kinds of" predecessor "series. 'in fact, the original name of next stop: predecessor is time difference. Maybe Zheng Kai didn't know that the name of this work would be changed when it was shot. Coupled with the recent release of best boyfriend evolution, people mistakenly think that all Zheng Kai's films are the same themes.

The story of the next predecessor

Lin Xintian (Guo Caijie) love road has not been smooth, always can not meet the right person at the right time. Just when she is dejected, fate makes her meet the amorous warm man Wuchuan (Zheng Kai). Wuchuan pursues Xintian enthusiastically, and Xintian is finally moved. However, what is unexpected is that Huang Kequn (Li Dongxue), the male god of Xueba, who Xintian has been secretly in love with since she was a student, appears again. Should we choose the happiness that is close at hand, or the prince charming that we dreamt of many years ago? After making a decision, we find that love is doomed in the dark!