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When is the TV show for the house seller? Who are the people who sell the house and the actors

Sun Li and Luo Jin are both highly anticipated actors. Their appearance and acting skills are affirmed by the audience. Recently, the TV series "the house seller" starred by Sun Li and Luo Jin has been turned on. Many people are looking forward to the TV series. When will the house sellers broadcast the TV series? What are the house sellers and actors?

When is the TV show for the house seller

The urban drama "the man who sells a house", starring Sun Li and Luo Jin, started in Shanghai on April 27, so it is still a long time before it is released.

Yesterday, the TV series "the man who sells a house" started, with Sun Li as the heroine and Luo Jin as the hero, acting as a real estate agent. At the same time, Guo Tao, who has a good performance in "parents' love", was invited to play. The lineup in front of and behind the stage is worthy of attention. The man who sells a house is adapted from the Japanese drama the woman who sells a house. The screenwriter Liu Liu has made a lot of adaptations on the original basis, striving to make the script more localized. In addition to "my true friend" starring Yang Ying, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong, there are two popular TV dramas focusing on real estate agents in the market at present, and the new theme makes the audience look forward to it.

List of house sellers

The seller is a city drama directed by an Jian, starring Sun Li and Luo Jin, Guo Tao and Zhang Meng, Wang Zijian, Yang Haoyu, Tian Lei, Zhang Xiaoqian, sun Jiayu and Wang Yizhe.

Sun Li is a regional manager of a well-known real estate agency company. She was ordered to rescue a store whose performance was declining in the face of crisis. Because of different management modes and different identification of the house, they had conflicts with store manager Xu Wendao. But later, they also fell in love with each other.

Luo Jinshi, Xu Wendao, is an intermediary store manager. He is a good man and is very 'humanized' to employees.

In addition to the attention of men and women, the strength of the supporting actors can not be underestimated. Guo Tao, who has rich acting experience, will take part in the play. Guo Tao has created many well-known Masterpieces for the audience, and his acting skills are impressive. With his full participation, the man who sells a house should be even more powerful.

Zhang Xiaoqian also took part in the play. He once played Sheng Changfeng, the second young master of the Sheng family, in "do you know if you should be green, fat, red and thin". He was a cowardly and irresponsible dandy who liked to write on the surface rather than learn to do things. Although Zhang Xiaoqian is not well-known, his acting skills are still very good. With his participation, the house seller should be much better.