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Why didn't the black widow have a funeral and a resurrection? When will the independent movie be on

"Avengers 4" why does the black widow not resurrect? Iron man has a funeral. Why does my sister not even have a funeral? Will my sister resurrect? Let's get to know.

After watching Fu Lian 4, many people are deeply impressed by the death of iron man and widowed sister. The former puts on infinite gloves to save the universe and kill mieba and his team, while the latter sacrifices himself to collect soul gems. It's all sacrifice. Why does iron man have a funeral, but I don't? Can I come back to life?

After all, my sister is also a member of the Avengers League, and her contribution is quite great. She not only brings the US team into the modern world, but also calms down Hulk's anger. In Marvel movies, she is more qualified than Captain Marvel, so she doesn't even have a funeral!

In fact, don't worry. You should watch the screenwriter. Superman can be resurrected when he dies. My sister is also very hopeful to be resurrected. Fu Lian 4 may be a foreshadowing. After all, I have an independent movie behind me, although it may be the movie of the origin of the black widow.

"Black widow" independent film will be directed by Australian female director Kate & middot; Southland, starring Scarlett & middot; Johnson. It is a prequel film, which tells the story of her spy in KGB before she went to aegis.

It is reported that the black widow crew is looking for a black or African American actor to play the villain, but also to meet the tough, dangerous and mysterious setting.