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What's the difference between animal cream and animal cream? How to distinguish between plant and an

The cream of the cake is the most popular. If you eat the sweet cream, you will have no worries for a day. We know that cream can be divided into vegetable cream and animal cream. Do you know the difference between vegetable cream and animal cream? Let's make a correct distinction.

What's the difference between animal cream and animal cream

Animal cream, also known as light cream or cream, is separated from whole milk and has a strong natural aroma. In the separation process, due to the different proportion of fat in milk, the light weight fat ball will float in the upper layer and become cream. The fat content of cream is only 20% - 30% of that of full-fat milk, and its nutritional value is between that of full-fat milk and butter.

Vegetable cream, also known as margarine, margarine, vegetable butter, etc., is often used as a substitute for light cream. It was invented by American Wye in 1945. Vegetable cream is mostly made by hydrogenating vegetable oil, adding artificial flavors, preservatives, pigments and other additives. If you pay close attention to the ingredient label of vegetable cream, you will find that there is no milk fat and cholesterol in it, but there are trans fatty acids. Excessive intake will lead to increased cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Compared with vegetable cream, animal cream contains more water, less oil and is easy to melt. It is difficult to maintain the shape of the decorated cake after being made. If it is stored at room temperature for a little longer, it will become soft and deformed. It needs to be refrigerated between 0 ℃ and 5 ℃. The vegetable cream, because it does not contain milk fat, has higher melting point and stronger stability than the animal cream, so it can make all kinds of fancy, and even make all kinds of three-dimensional shapes, and can keep at room temperature for one hour without melting.

How to distinguish vegetable cream from animal cream

To distinguish these two kinds of cream, the most intuitive way is to use the hand rubbing method to judge: apply animal cream and plant cream on the palm respectively, and rub them. The animal cream will soon disappear in the palm, and there is only a small amount of grease left in the palm, such as hand cream. Plant cream is still in the palm after rubbing for a long time, and with the increase of rubbing time, plant cream will even form in the palm.

When using animal cream, the cake is naturally milky white in color and slightly yellowish; in terms of aroma, the higher the grade of animal cream, the richer the milk fat content and the stronger the milk flavor. Plant butter is mostly artificial, and its color is mostly bright white. Its color is more snowy than animal cream. The cream of plants is made of artificial flavors based on popular taste and smells more fragrant.

Whether it is margarine or natural animal cream, the fat content is high, it is recommended to eat an appropriate amount, about twice a week, about 30g once.