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Fu Lian 4 iron man I love you three thousand times what's the reason? After reading it, I burst into

What's the reason I love you three thousand times? After watching "Avengers 4", the death of iron man is really unexpected, and his daughter's confession to him is also his confession to the audience. I love you three thousand times, this sentence is really unforgettable ah, moved to cry.

"I am Iron Man" and "I love you 3000 times" are the tears of the whole film.

Iron Man opposed space-time hijacking at the beginning, because he now has a wife and a daughter. His life is very happy, and he is not willing to take risks. He even made an agreement with the US team that he should not die, but should preserve his present life.

But when he made the quantum bracelet, he deeply felt that it was doomed. At this time, his daughter appeared. Iron man said to his daughter, 'I love you a thousand times', and her daughter told him,' I love you three thousand times'.

Iron man is very childish. Compared with pepper, he thinks his daughter loves pepper 600-900 times, but her daughter loves him 3000 times. This also shows that in the daughter's heart, father is great, iron man is also great.

Iron man secretly recorded the video when he was ready to take the risk. He felt that he might die and had to say something. He used his daughter's confession to tell everyone present, whether it's the superhero on the screen or the audience off the screen.

'I love you three thousand times', this is iron man's confession to himself, to others, and to all the audience. Eleven years, thanks to marvel and iron man.