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What if people near wechat are restricted? How to solve the problem that people near wechat are limi

Wechat has an important function, people nearby, but many netizens reflect that people around wechat are restricted. What should we do? How to solve the problem that people near wechat are limited? Now let's take a look. People near wechat are complained that they can't open it. It is suggested to try to remove the login or function restrictions by self-help

1. Log in to the official wechat website

2. Click [freeze or unfreeze wechat account].

3. Select unfreeze account.

4. Fill in the account number to unfreeze.

Development materials:

Wechat is a free application launched by Tencent on January 21, 2011 to provide instant messaging service for intelligent terminals. It is built by the product team of Tencent Guangzhou R & D center led by Zhang Xiaolong. Wechat supports cross communication operators and cross operating system platforms to quickly send free (consuming a small amount of network traffic) voice messages, videos, pictures and text through the network. At the same time, it can also use service plug-ins such as' shake ',' drifting bottle ',' circle of friends', 'public platform' and 'voice Notepad' through sharing streaming media content and location-based social plug-ins.

By the second quarter of 2016, wechat had covered more than 94% of China's smart phones, with 806 million monthly active users, covering more than 200 countries and more than 20 languages. In addition, the total number of wechat public accounts of various brands has exceeded 8 million, the number of mobile application docking has exceeded 85000, the advertising revenue has increased to 3.679 billion yuan, and the number of wechat payment users has reached about 400 million.

Wechat provides public platform, circle of friends, message push and other functions. Users can add friends and pay attention to the public platform through 'shake', 'search number', 'people nearby', and scan QR code. At the same time, wechat shares the content to friends and the wonderful content that users see to wechat circle of friends.