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Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian admit that he ChaoLian's personal data

Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian admit that what's the matter with their relationship? Their relationship was first revealed exclusively by a certain media. Just two people send micro blog open love, really sweet! So who is he ChaoLian? Let's get to know.

Dou Xiao had dinner with a mysterious woman late one night, and then went back to the hotel to spend the night together. It was revealed that the woman was likely to be he ChaoLian, the king of gambling. Just now, Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian respectively posted their microblogs' ha ha ha ~ hi baby dog food dog food ', admitting their love affair exposed by the media this morning! Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian both recognize their love with a high profile and believe that their relationship is very stable! Congratulations!

Dou Xiao also took the initiative to pay attention to his girlfriend he ChaoLian's microblog account, and the love affair was made public!

Yesterday, well-known media exposed a group of photos, suspected actor Dou Xiao love exposure. On that night, Dou Xiao and his friends met in a hotel, only to see a mysterious woman sitting next to Dou Xiao. They sat next to each other. During the meal, Dou Xiao kept holding the mysterious woman's hand, even putting his hand on the mysterious woman's thigh.

Just after the party, Dou Xiao waved goodbye to a group of friends and left with the mysterious woman hand in hand. Unexpectedly, after leaving the dinner, Dou Xiao led the mysterious woman straight to the hotel. Just after entering the elevator, they could not wait to kiss each other. It was really sweet.

According to the woman's side face, pink sweater and hat on her head, Netizens found that she is likely to be the gambling king he ChaoLian.

Their love histories are very rich. Dou Xiao has had an affair with Ouyang Nana, Zhou Dongyu and Xi Mengyao, while he ChaoLian has had an affair with Wu Kequn.

Who is he ChaoLian

He ChaoLian, born in Hong Kong, China on May 9, 1991, is the daughter of Macao gambling king Stanley Ho and third wife Chen Wanzhen. He ChaoLian looks sweet and pleasant, inheriting the advantages of her parents' appearance.

Name: he ChaoLian

Alias: laurinda

Graduate School: Royal Holloway College, University of London

Nationality: Hong Kong, China

Birth: May 9, 1991

Constellation: Taurus

Birthplace: Hong Kong, China

Dou Xiao and he ChaoLian are well recognized by the outside world. They both have overseas learning backgrounds and should be able to communicate culturally and linguistically. When Dou Xiao announced his love affairs generously, he got a lot of praise. "This is what a man should do to make a woman feel safe.".