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Can bazhitian treat hypertension? What are the efficacy and function of bazhitian traditional Chines

Morinda officinalis, for dicotyledons, Gentianaceae, Rubiaceae plants, appearance, the front end of short acuminate, blunt or round base. Can bazhitian treat hypertension? What are the efficacy and function of bazhitian traditional Chinese medicine? Let's have a look.

Effects and functions of Morinda officinalis L

Morinda officinalis has a long history of application in China. As early as the Han Dynasty, it was recorded in the famous medical records. Morinda officinalis is the root of Morinda officinalis. It is pungent, sweet and mild in nature. It belongs to the kidney and liver meridians. It can tonify the kidney and help Yang, dispel wind and remove dampness. It is often used in the treatment of impotence, frequent urination, uterine cold infertility, rheumatic waist and knee pain, kidney deficiency, waist and knee soreness, etc. Herbal Justice says that Morinda officinalis' taste is pungent and warm. It is specially used for invigorating yang qi. Warming and nourishing Yuanyang can eliminate evil Qi, promote Yin flaccidity, strengthen muscles and bones, benefit essence, and treat pain caused by Yin in lower abdomen, all of which have the effect of warming kidney and dispersing cold.

In modern society, people work hard and live under great pressure. In addition, some people overindulge their sex life, which leads to the phenomenon of weak waist and knees, impotence and kidney deficiency. Morinda officinalis can tonify the kidney and tendons, dispel wind and dampness, and treat flaccidity and weakness of muscles and bones. It can be used in combination with Cistanche deserticola, Eucommia ulmoides Oliv, Zanthoxylum wilfordii and other traditional Chinese medicines. It can also be used in combination with radix rehmanniae, Fructus Psoraleae, golden tassel and other traditional Chinese medicines to strengthen the kidney, astringent essence and strengthen yang. For kidney deficiency, Chong Ren deficiency cold caused by abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, you can use Morinda officinalis with Alpinia officinarum, cinnamon, Evodia rutaecarpa and other drugs, can play the role of warming the kidney and regulating menstruation. For female infertility and male infertility, Morinda officinalis can be used with ginseng, yam and raspberry to warm the kidney, warm the palace and fill the seeds.

Weight gain and anti fatigue effect

Male Kunming mice weighing 16-18g were divided into four groups according to their body weight. The blank group was given 20 ml / kg distilled water by gavage every day, and the administration group was given 20 ml / kg Morinda officinalis Decoction by gavage every day for ll days. Five mice were put into the swimming test each time. Before the experiment, they were weighed and loaded according to 5% of the actual weight. The results showed that Morinda officinalis could significantly increase the weight of mice and prolong the continuous swimming time.

The effect on immune function

The results showed that oral administration of 65 g / (kg. D), 80 g / (kg. D) and oral administration of 50% ethanol extract of Morinda officinalis (60 g / (kg. D)) could cause thymus atrophy in mice (P value was P & lt; & gt; & lt; & gt; & lt; 0.001, respectively), and oral administration of 10 g & gt; & lt; 0.001, respectively). According to the method reported by Qiao Zhisheng, Kunming mice, which were born for 2 days, were divided into male and female groups according to their body weight. The positive control group was given 0.2% (G & gt;

Effects on accessory organs

The crude extract of Morinda officinalis was orally administered to rats or mice for 14-15 days without assimilation (body weight, weight of levator ani muscle or sponge ball muscle or weight increase of mouse kidney) or androgen like effect (weight increase of seminal vesicle).

Promotion of corticosterone secretion

Male ICR mice weighing about 35g were used to measure the amount of corticosterone in blood according to diamondstone method. The water extract of Morinda officinalis (1g / kg) was given orally. The results showed that the activity of glucocorticoid enzyme labeled enzyme liver AIP was significantly increased, and the activity of Tat (tyrosine aminotransferase) was also increased by intraperitoneal injection. It indicated that the extract of Morinda officinalis had the effect of increasing the content of corticosterone in blood, and its activity might be due to the lower concentration of glucocorticoid The pituitary adrenocortical system is stimulated.

Antihypertensive effect

The extract of Morinda lucida has significant antihypertensive effect on anesthetized cats and non anesthetized rats, but it can maintain for a short time, and has some effects of sedation and diuresis.

anti-inflammatory effect

The results showed that warm extract (50, 60 g / kg) by gavage or intraperitoneal injection (10 g / kg) could inhibit the granuloma of plastic ring in rats; warm extract (25, 50 g / kg) by gavage could not prolong the survival time of young rats; warm extract (350 mg / kg) by gavage could not increase the accumulation of liver glycogen in starved mice, which suggested that Morinda officinalis might have a corticosteroid like effect on kidney.

To endocrine

(1) Morinda officinalis has corticotropin like effect.

(2) Morinda officinalis can increase the weight of anterior pituitary, ovary and uterus, enhance the luteinizing function of hypothalamus pituitary ovary, promote ovarian ovulation and luteinization, and maintain luteinizing function.


(1) Morinda officinalis can significantly increase the weight of mice, prolong the continuous swimming time, increase the number of white blood cells and inhibit thymus atrophy

(2) Anti stress response: Morinda officinalis or ginseng can correct the disorder of sexual cycle caused by stress, improve memory and learning behavior, and make adrenal gland hypertrophy in stressed mice, suggesting that Morinda officinalis or ginseng has anti stress effect.


Morinda officinalis has significant hypotensive effect on cats and rats, but it can maintain for a short time, and has sedative and diuretic effects.

Anticancer bar

The results showed that the crude crystals of anthrone from Morinda officinalis had inhibitory effect on the growth of leukemia cell line ll210, on S180 and on the activity of EB virus.