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Rolex black water devil and green water devil which good? Rolex Black Green Water Ghost contrast

Because the quality and simulation are constantly updated, color is a big problem for customers to choose. Noob watch factory often hear customers ask me which is better, the black water devil or the green water devil?

Although the two watches are a series, and the movement (CAL. 3135) is the same, they are often compared by many watchers because of the different colors. However, this kind of comparison should be attributed to two points: one is what the difference between the two colors means, the other is which color they prefer. Speaking of the water ghost, many people are familiar with it. This is a very classic product series of Rolex. The "nickname" of the diver. The Rolex Oyster permanent submariner was born in 1953. It was the world's first watch with a waterproof depth of 100 meters. Later, it added a patented three button lock crown to strengthen the sealing of the watch case and increase the waterproof depth to 300 meters.

However, since 1970, the diver has become what it is today. Mercedes Benz pointer, bubble reading and time scale have become the classic identification elements of Rolex. In particular, the 1.5mm sapphire crystal protruding from the bubble still maintains perfect flatness. It should be pointed out that in this so-called Rolex 'water ghost' family, green, black, blue and red watches are included. It is only because black and green sell better, or the market is more familiar with these two colors, that there are frequent comparisons between these two colors. However, when it comes to the difference between the two colors, the chemical composition behind them must be different. For example, the Rolex diver calendar series 116610lv green disc wristwatch, which was first launched in 2010, is also a very representative one.

The green surface of this watch is said to be coated with 'green gold' by PVD technology. However, the claimed composition ratio of 'green gold' is still a secret, perhaps for the purpose of patent protection. In fact, green water ghosts are popular among many people. The difference in chemical composition is certainly not the main factor, and even many friends will not care about it. In many cases, people prefer green water ghost because of the style it represents. Among them, the most representative view is that green is younger and more personalized, while black is more conservative and stable. So, which one do you think is better? In fact, it all depends on your own preferences. But no matter the nigger, the green ghost, or any ghost, it will turn into blue luminous after the light is turned off. Because the time mark and pointer on the disk are covered with luminous layer, it can emit blue light in the dark environment. In the deep sea, the different wavelengths of radiation formed by sunlight are gradually absorbed with the deepening of the depth of the sea, in the order of red, orange, yellow and green, until only blue purple is left, which is why Rolex chose blue.