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How is Peng Yuchang fat to return a responsibility? Yearning for life Zifeng Zhhang make complaints

It is said that a white cover three ugly, a fat destroy all. It can be seen that the power of getting fat is so great. Recently, the third season of yearning for life was broadcast. In the program, Mr. Huang Lei made a big dinner. At this time, the most attractive thing was Peng Yuchang. Although Peng Peng is still very cute after getting fat, you'd better eat more vegetarian food! (puff)

How is Peng Yuchang fat to return a responsibility

The long-awaited third season of "yearning for life" has finally been broadcast! In the first phase of the program, Peng Yuchang is absolutely the most eye-catching, because he is so fat that he can't recognize him!

Peng Yuchang originally had three-dimensional facial features. Although he was not amazing, he still had some warm sunshine from the boys next door! In the second season of yearning for life, he always wore flip flops, big underpants, chopping firewood and burning fire. He had no idol burden at all. He was very energetic! In the new season, Peng Yuchang's face became extremely round, and his whole body became fat Close to Huang Lei, wearing a simple sportswear, and Huang Lei frame, really have the feeling of father and son!

Zifeng Zhhang make complaints about Peng Yu Chang becoming fat

At that time, Zhang Zifeng went to the mushroom house and was surprised to see Peng Yuchang's plastic surgery style gain weight. He almost didn't recognize it and said directly: so much fat? Peng Yuchang was very upset at that time! Later, Zhang Zifeng twisted Peng Yichang and asked: don't you want to lose weight? Peng Yuchang also quibbled: they all say I'm thin! But in fact, quibble is quibble, and Peng Yuchang still wants to lose weight Yes! He just can't control his mouth.

There's a saying: "you can't lose weight until you're full!" and Peng Yuchang is a typical example of this sentence. Although Peng Yuchang made a bold statement that he wanted to lose weight in the program, his body was often more honest than his mouth. That night, Peng Yuchang ate three bowls of rice. What's funny is that Peng Yuchang is ready to stop eating the second bowl of rice, but his eyes are still fixed on the pot, so that Huang Lei can't look down and help him with the meal!

The most important thing is that when Zhang Zifeng was a guest in last season's program, Zhang Zifeng had a small appetite and could not eat so many noodles, so he gave some to Peng Yuchang. As a result, Peng Yuchang drank up all the soup! Now Zhang Zifeng, as a permanent guest, has dinner together every day. Peng Yuchang still wants to lose weight?