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How to query mobile phone number? Where to check the mobile phone number

Many friends who play QQ have opened yellow diamond or green diamond. You may wonder how many times you have opened yellow diamond and when it was opened. So today, let's see how to query the mobile phone number of yellow diamond? Where can I check the mobile phone number?

Methods / steps:

First, we need to open the QQ login account on the computer;

Then we click the email icon on QQ;

After entering the mailbox, we click to enter the mailbox on the page;

After that, you can find the "yellow diamond notice" in the email and open it;

If you have too many e-mails in your mailbox, you can search [QQ space project] in the search box in the upper right corner of the page;

Finally, we can find all the records of QQ yellow diamond's opening, opening time and expiration time in this email.