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Which brands of child safety seats are better? Child safety seat recommendations

Friends who drive and have been in a car all know that you have to wear a seat belt when driving, because in case of a collision between the car and the car in front of you, you can protect yourself. For children, you have to take a seat when you are in a car. Which brand of seat is better?

Brand recommendation of child safety seat: good child

Goodbaby is a well-known pregnancy and infant brand in China, focusing on many fields such as baby carriages, baby beds, child safety seats and baby carriages. Since the establishment of the brand, children have always taken safety and reliability, leading design, convenient use and durability as the starting point and foothold of product design, practiced the enterprise concept of 'caring for children, serving families and repaying society', and committed to becoming the best brand of user experience. However, due to the complexity of business involved in good children, and the late entry into the field of child safety seats, the quality and technology still need to be strengthened.

Brand recommendation of child safety seat: ekobebe

Ekobebe, as a German brand, is committed to continuously developing excellent products, and always pays attention to the simplicity, humanization, quality and service of products, so as to provide more children with environmentally friendly and comfortable products. Ekobebe also adopts a lot of new technologies in product design, mainly expressing the concept of environmental protection and aerobic, hoping that the product design can meet children's preferences as much as possible, and bring children a friendly childhood. Although ekobebe is unique in design, its quality needs to be improved.

Brand recommendation of child safety seat: safcom shuaianke

Safcom originated from a century old family of automotive accessories manufacturers in Germany. In 2007, Ningbo Yuanyuan automotive products Co., Ltd. cooperated with safcom family to re register safcom child safety seat trademark in Germany, thus extending to child protection products. In 2015, Yuanyuan established Ningbo shuaianke children's protection products Co., Ltd. to establish a new national brand shuaianke in China, hoping to make domestic children enjoy the safety protection experience brought by European and American quality. Safcom shuaianke's performance in the evaluation of China Automobile Research and Development Co., Ltd. may be due to the relatively large span from the jewelry field to the children's seat industry, or due to the immature domestic production technology.

Brand recommendation of child safety seat: Carlos

CAOS was formerly known as osann family business in Germany. Osann family is a professional manufacturer of children's equipment. It has been engaged in the optimization and production of children's equipment. In 2002, it established the CAOS kayousi brand. The brand concept is "we are family! Let every customer feel the warmth of home". However, its popularity has not been high, and some consumers reflect that although CAOS is a German brand, it is actually produced by Chinese manufacturers.