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Can a child take the co pilot? It's so dangerous for a child to take a co pilot

Children are curious about cars and want to be the front row. Parents love their children very much. Many parents like to take their children as co drivers. In fact, this kind of practice is very dangerous. So why can't a child take the co pilot?

Although there are laws and regulations that if the co pilot has children under 14 years old, 6 points will be charged and 300 yuan will be fined, this phenomenon is still common.

Can a child sit in the front seat of a car why not be a front seat

1、 The impact of airbags is amazing

The front seats of cars are usually equipped with airbags. When the car is strongly impacted, the airbag will automatically pop up to protect the driver and co driver. After the accident, the air bag will pop up at an amazing speed of about 300 km / h. The impact force of this high-speed ejection is about 180 kg. It's a powerful force. Adults will be a little confused when they bump into it. However, children's bones are not fully developed, so they can't bear such a powerful force and are easy to be injured. The impact force is greater for a child than a direct impact on a heavy object.

2、 It's not safe to wear a seat belt

The safety belt is the safety configuration that every car is equipped with, it can play the necessary protective role. Children under the age of 12 are petite. Although the length of the safety belt can be adjusted, the neck of the child is still easily strangled by the safety belt, which is a potential threat. But sitting in the co driver's seat without wearing a seat belt is also very dangerous, which is a dilemma.

3、 Front seats cannot be fitted with child seats

Children's seats are specially designed for children. I believe all car owners with children know that they have one on the car. In general, children's seats are placed in the back seat. The front seat of the car does not have ISOFIX or latch interface, so the child seat cannot be installed. Although it can be barely fixed with seat belts, it is not safe and it is not recommended for car owners to adopt this method.

4、 It is easy to affect the driver

Children are energetic and curious. If you are in the co driver's seat, you will be very interested in the center console. You can't help touching it. If the child wants to touch the button that should not be touched, the driver will make a sound to stop it when he sees it, so that he has no time to take into account the car condition in front of him.

Can a child sit in the co driver's seat

1. Children can't sit alone in the co pilot's seat

It's very dangerous for young children to sit in the co driver's seat. Before the age of 12, children can only sit in the back row. We must teach children to correctly use the safety seat, safety belt and other equipment, and make strict requirements for every ride.

2. Parents are not allowed to hold their children in the co driver's seat

If the car collides at the speed of 50 km / h, it will produce 30g impact force under the action of inertia. A child weighing 10 kg will produce nearly 300 kg of strength, equivalent to the total weight of 4-6 adults. In this case, no one can hold the child in his arms.

3. Don't let children get on and off by themselves

Children's strength is small. If the door is not pushed in place when it is opened, the door will rebound slightly. For young children, it may hurt their fingers. In addition, the parents in the driver's seat may not be so clear about the road conditions and traffic conditions on the other side of the door. Therefore, it is suggested that young parents should get out of the car to open and close the door for their children.

Can a child sit in the co driver's seat of a car

In order to let you have a more intuitive understanding of airbags, today, sister Meili has found several airbags on Taobao through various relationships. Today, sister Meili will take you to uncover the veil of airbags.

First of all, we use adhesive tape to fix the watermelon and the air bag, and fix the air bag on the workbench. The weight of the watermelon is about 15 Jin. With a loud noise, the watermelon will burst into pieces instantly. The ejection of the air bag is not affected by the weight of the watermelon at all, and it is effortless to blow the watermelon into pieces. If the watermelon is a child held by parents in the front row when it is braked or hit The consequences are unimaginable.

For the sake of safety, we'd better take precautions, otherwise it will lead to tragedy. In China's road laws and regulations, there is no explicit provision that 'children can't sit in the co driver's seat'. It is a misinformation that children take the co driver's seat to deduct points. (but it has been stipulated in some areas). But most of the car instructions will indicate that children under 12 years old (or less than 1.4 meters) should not sit in the front row. Because the co driver's seat is the most dangerous position, when the emergency brake, parents simply can not afford to provide protection to the children in the co driver's seat in time. In addition, the safety belt on the car is designed according to the adult standard, which is suitable for people with a weight of 36kg and a height of more than 140cm. If it is used for children, the safety belt will be stuck on the neck of the child, which will do more harm to the child in case of an accident. Therefore, even if the mother is holding the child, it is extremely unsafe.