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Mind reading is expected to come true, and brain signals can be successfully transformed into langua

Do you believe that there is such a super power as mind reading in this world? Recently, scientists say that this ability exists and can be achieved through science and technology! According to the NHK, the US team has successfully converted electrical signals in the brain into synthetic speech. This technology has attracted much attention because it may be used to make people unable to speak due to brain disorders and other reasons communicate smoothly.

A university in California published the research in the science journal Nature on the 24th.

The research team installed a device that can detect the electrical signals in the brain. By making the detected person read hundreds of articles aloud, the artificial intelligence system (AI) analyzed in detail the relationship between the lips, tongue, chin and throat and the electrical signals when making a sound.

Based on this analysis, the team developed a computer system that translates signals in the brain into sound. It is reported that based on the signals in the brain, the team has converted 100 pieces of text into sounds, and these synthetic sounds can be understood by almost all people correctly. For the first time, the team said, reading brain signals and converting the text into sound.

The research team said that at this stage only a limited number of signals can be converted into synthetic language, so it is necessary to improve the accuracy.

However, in the future, this technology may enable us to communicate with people who are unable to speak due to the sequelae of cerebral infarction, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other reasons.