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I can't smell money on her. What's the reason? Gou Taiming praises his wife

I can't smell money on her. What's the reason? Cause netizens hot discussion! The chairman of Hon Hai group, Gou Taiming, who has announced his candidacy for 2020, recently revealed that his wife Zeng Xinying ran away from home for a week because she didn't support him. Yesterday (the 26th), Zeng Xinying was witnessed to have returned to Taiwan, but Gou's private life was still closely watched by the island media. Taiwan's Liberty Times revealed on the 27th that there were 12 reasons why gou chose Zeng Xinying, 24 years younger than himself, to get married.

According to the report, at that time, Gou's public love affair with Zeng Xinying caused controversy from all walks of life. However, when talking about the reasons, Gou said at that time that he saw truth, goodness and beauty in Zeng Xinying, and the most important thing was that 'I can't smell money in her'.

Recently, Mr. and Mrs. Gou frequently made headlines in the island's media. First, Mr. Gou announced that he would take part in the KMT primary in the 2020 Taiwan leadership election. Zeng Xinying made it clear that she did not support it. The reason was that she hoped that for the sake of his family, peace and security would come first.

Later, in an interview with Taiwan media on the 25th, Gou revealed that Zeng Xinying had run away from home since she announced her candidacy. At present, they haven't met for a week, and she wants to be a "father". But at the same time, he thinks that running for election is "a military and national event, and the harem should not interfere in politics.".

Some netizens questioned Gou's "disrespect for women." Lai Qingde also criticized Guo's "no authoritarian mentality of the emperor" in a live broadcast on the 26th.

In response, Gou issued an apology on Facebook on the afternoon of the 26th, saying that he used an inappropriate metaphor, solemnly apologized to those who felt offended, and would conduct an open-minded review. But at the same time, Gou also denounced Lai Qingde for using his own slip of the tongue, accusing him of being an authoritarian emperor's mentality. "All the way, I insist on running in the Democratic primary election, that is, to fight for the opportunity to serve the country through the test of public opinion." "if former president Lai wants to find an & lsquo; emperor & quot; To criticize, isn't Tsai ing Wen, who insists on not holding the primary election and wants you to withdraw from the election as soon as you meet, the real emperor who is most persistent in holding power, unwilling to face the voice of the people and trying to suppress the Democratic primary election process through secret room negotiation

On the 26th, the island media witnessed that Zeng Xinying, who went to Japan to relax, had returned to Taiwan that afternoon. In the face of media inquiries, Zeng Xinying stressed that she did not run away from home, but just went out to relax.

Some analysts believe that whether to maintain a harmonious relationship with the other half has always been an important indicator for the people on the island to test the candidates, so every election everyone will play the "wife card". Gou, known for his domineering manner, has always been worried that he would not listen to other people's opinions, so his communication with his family has been concerned.