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How long can I buy a second-hand house after the transfer? What are the precautions of second-hand h

How long can I buy a second-hand house after the transfer? What are the precautions of second-hand housing inspection? The second-hand house can be sold again at any time after the transfer of ownership. However, due to less than five years, it needs to pay business tax and personal income tax to sell again. If it is five years later, it does not need to pay business tax and personal income tax.

Second hand house Inspection Notes:

1. Buyers should make clear the time of the first purchase of the second-hand house, so as to know how long the house can be used, which is conducive to understanding the future planning of the area.

2. Find out the reason why the original owner sold the house. If it is because of lack of money or many houses that he really wants to sell, then he can buy the house; if it is because of the quality of the house or the bad feng shui of the house, or even the death of someone in the house, then he can't buy the house, and he can't buy the house that is about to be demolished or violates the municipal planning.

3. Check all the items attached by the original owner. The cost of these items should be included in the price of the house. With these items, a lot of money will be saved when the second-hand house is renovated.

4. Check the indoor facilities of the second-hand house, such as whether there are cracks on the wall, whether there is water seepage on the top, etc. check whether there are cracks on the house, including the top and wall. In addition to checking whether there are cracks in the house itself, we should also check the water tank, water supply and drainage pipes, toilet sanitary ware, etc. all these items should be checked to see if they are broken.

5. Next, check the condition of the doors and windows, whether the windows can be completely closed, how the sound insulation effect is, whether there are water stains on the windowsill, whether the paint on the doors and windows is in good condition, and whether the door plug is in good condition. In short, all the conditions in the house are the basis for the buyers to discuss the house price with the original owners. If the things are good, the price is high. If the things are damaged, the buyers need to pay their own money to repair, and the price is self-evident However, it has declined.

6. If there is furniture in the second-hand house, the buyer should remember to move all the furniture away and look at the ground. Some homeowners will use furniture to cover the ground in order to cover up the God of the house.

7. In addition to the house itself, the buyer should also ask the original owner about the expenses of water and electricity, gas, telephone, Internet, television, etc., so as to prevent him from bearing the expenses he should not bear. Before deciding to buy, check whether the original owner has all the property rights certificate of the house to prevent disputes after the transfer.