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How to calculate the mobile phone installment rate? What's the percentage of installment service cha

As the most popular electronic product, mobile phones are basically used by everyone, ranging from primary school students to 70 year olds. How to calculate the installment rate of mobile phones? What's the percentage of installment service charge? Let's have a look.

How to calculate the mobile phone installment rate? 1. Handling charge of each period = total amount of each period & times; handling charge rate of each period. For example, if the total amount is 5000, divided into 12 periods, and the handling charge of each period is 0.5%, then the handling charge of each period = 5000x0.5% = 25, and the total payment is 25x12 = 300.

2. The longer the installment time is, the higher the service charge is. Moreover, even if the repayment is advanced, the service charge still needs to be paid. The influencing factors of installment payment: 1. The most common terms of credit card installment payment are 3, 6 and 12. The longer the term, the higher the handling charge. There are also some installment payment amount to determine the handling charge, the more the amount, the lower the handling charge.

2. The service charge is also divided into two types, one for each period and one for application. Generally speaking, the service charge for each period is more favorable for cardholders than that for one time.

3. For consumers, the latter is free and convenient, but needs to bear higher handling charges. The bank will carry out some activities from time to time. At this time, the service charge of installment payment will be discounted.

Extended information:

The service charge for installment payment accounts for about 23.2% of the total payment. (from 1% to 4.5% for each period according to the length of the period, with standard)

If you apply to the bank for installment payment by credit card, the bank charges about 0.7% of the handling charge for 12 instalments.

The calculation method is: transaction amount x (1 ~ 4.5)% + transaction amount & divide; number of periods = monthly payment amount.

Before deciding to buy a mobile phone by installment in a physical store, consult the shop assistant first, such as the installment interest and the installment down payment. These are the first things you need to know.