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Don't tear your lips when they are dry

Winter is coming, and the weather is getting drier. Is your lips beginning to dry, or even dead skin? If there is dead skin, not only is it inconvenient to apply lipstick, it will not only affect the beauty of oneself, but also affect daily life such as eating. Today, let's teach you how to remove the dry dead skin of lips and some basic methods of lip care.

To remove the dead skin, first wet the towel with hot water, then apply it to the dry area of the lips, and wait about 10 minutes. After ten minutes, take off the towels. You will notice that most of the dead skin is off with the towel, gently remove the dead skin from your lips, and then apply a layer of lip gloss to your lips.

Remove the dead skin method 2, prepare the white sugar in advance, apply the white sugar to the whole dry and serious lips, and then gently rub the white sugar back and forth on the lips until all the white sugar on the lips melts. At this time, you will find that most of the dead skin is moisten and fall off, and then you need to apply a layer of lip gloss.

Lip care method 1: lip dryness may be due to some people's habitual licking or biting lips, because when licking or biting lips, the water on the lips will be taken away after the saliva evaporates, making the lips more dry, so the more you lick, the drier you will be. Keep in mind that the lips have dead skin, which can not be bitten or torn off, because it will cause more damage to the lips.

Lip care method two, it is generally recommended that you keep the habit of smearing lipstick throughout the year, which can reduce or even eliminate the appearance of dead skin on lips, lipstick can be used in summer cool style, winter mainly moisturizing lips effect.

Lip care method 3: if you are prone to burn, there will be a lot of dry and dead skin on your lips. You should drink more water to defeat the fire in your body, and then you should also reduce the consumption of spicy hot and hot pot food, reduce the frequency and degree of burning, so as to reduce the occurrence of dead skin on your lips.