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Why did Wu Xieyu kill his mother? Li Meijin's psychoanalysis is worth seeing

Original title: Psychoanalysis of Li Meijin why Wu Xieyu killed his mother and how Wu Xieyu's mother died

Professor Li Meijin's crime analysis is well-known in the industry. Many cases are solved in the hands of Professor Li Meijin. However, this time, Wu Xieyu, a gifted scholar of Peking University, killed his mother. Do you have any psychological analysis on why he killed and raised him, educated him to be such a talented person since childhood, and killed his mother in turn? I believe Xie tianqin will never believe that he will die in the future Dear son, take it.

Li Meijin hasn't analyzed Wu Xieyu's case yet. I believe there will be an analysis result soon. When Li Meijin analyzed Yao Jiaxin or Ma Jiajue, they all hit the nail on the head. This time, it's like listening to Li Meijin's analysis of Wu Xieyu. However, we can start from the massacre of six members of a family in 2009. In the end, the murderer turned out to be the man in the family.

The man killed his parents, his wife, his sister and two sons. People can't understand that his family is nearly perfect, with both parents, a wife and two lovely sons. The older son just went to primary school, and the younger son was two years old. The family economy is good, and they have paid more than 6 million yuan for demolition. Father used his savings and demolition money to buy four houses. Three sets of names for sons and one for daughters. The father is also very partial to his son. People don't understand what he did. When the police arrested him, they often asked him why he did it. He replied:

'My parents are too strict with me, and my wife is too competitive at home. "He repeatedly stressed in court: family resentment is too deep! Professor Li Meijin thinks that" through the view that parents discipline too strictly, criminals must not have been raised by their parents themselves. When they were young, they had caregivers and their discipline was not strict. ". 'it turns out that he grew up with his grandmother when he was a child. He didn't come back to his parents until he was old enough to study. He lived a few years of indulgence and carefree life with his grandmother. After he came back to his parents, he couldn't bear the discipline of his parents. It's not a normal psychological phenomenon.

Some women give their children to others soon after they conceive in October: the old man, sister-in-law, nanny, others, etc. We will see this phenomenon: when a child reaches a certain age, especially around the age of 12, the closest person to him is not his parents, but his caregivers. For example, the hospital holds the wrong child and does not want to go back to the biological parents' family when they grow up.

Attachment begins at birth and continues until puberty. The younger the age, the stronger the dependence. When a child is attached to you, he will listen to whatever you say. So at this stage, it's easy to educate.

Well, after so much back to the point, Wu Xieyu's excellent academic performance is inseparable from his mother's discipline. He is just like other people's children. Because his academic performance is not generally good, everyone calls him "Yu Shen". I didn't expect that Wu Xieyu's contrast is so big. On the one hand, he is a talented student with excellent academic performance, and on the other hand, he is a ruthless murderer of his mother.

When Wu Xieyu was 16 years old at school, his father died of liver cancer, so his family members changed from three to two. It can be said that his mother and Wu Xieyu fell in love and killed each other in their original family. Wu Xieyu was the envy of outsiders. He always listened to his mother's words. When he went to college, he still talked every day. It can be seen that Xie tianqin loved his son very much and was strict with him.

After her father's death, the school gave Xie tianqin a pension to subsidize her life. However, Xie tianqin was low-key, honest, self disciplined and tough. She stubbornly refused to be subsidized by outsiders, and Wu Xieyu also declined the grant from the school. Xie tianqin thought that she could raise her son without any need. But knowing her mother's character gave Wu Xieyu a great sense of isolation.

In addition, Xie tianqin hopes that her son will become a talent and educate him severely everywhere. The child feels that his mother has paid too much for him, and that he is ashamed and obedient in everything. His father's absence or long-term absence has really cast a great shadow on his son's heart. However, the mother and the son live in peace and live together for many years. However, there are many contradictions in the child's heart that he does not dare to disobey, Gradually, Wu Xieyu couldn't bear his mother's control. On the one hand, he had to suppress his negative emotions and anger, but on the surface, he still kept in touch with the present.

Which adult would like to be controlled? Especially in the name of love? Wu Xieyu was very uncomfortable and finally led him to the extreme.

So it's not hard to find out why after Wu Xieyu killed his mother, he dated a sex worker and made many new videos. In addition, his mother refused financial aid and pension from outsiders. The first thing Wu Xieyu did was to ask relatives and friends to borrow money. All these are a complete negation of the teacher's mother's "orthodox tutoring".

It turns out that a person's mental health is so terrible. There are no details about how he killed his mother. It's not difficult to find that killing his mother has a lot of catharsis. However, Wu Xieyu has been arrested. At present, the case is under trial, and I believe it will be reported soon.

Wu Xieyu wrapped the body in dozens of layers of plastic, and put activated carbon in the gap of each layer to absorb odor; he installed monitoring in the room, and connected the computer to monitor the scene with his mobile phone; he took his mother's mobile phone to reply to other people's SMS in time.

Since ancient times, the morality of almost all societies and the laws of all countries have condemned and punished mother killing or father killing most severely. It's a pity that crimes committed by talented people are a loss to the country.