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Which city has the highest ticket price?

313 million! That's the total box office of Avengers 4 just 12 hours after it was released. So far, the box office of Fulian 4 has exceeded 1 billion, so which city is the most expensive?

Just last night, the box office record harvester "Avengers 4" was released, and a crazy fight for money was also announced.

As of 11 am, the total box office of Avengers 4 with pre-sale has reached 850 million, and Douban score is more than 9 points.

So far, Avengers 4 has broken the records of "the fastest pre-sale of Chinese film history exceeds 100 million", "the highest pre-sale box office of Chinese film history", "the first pre-sale of Chinese film history exceeds 500 million" and so on. It is expected to break the records of "the highest box office of premiere day", "the highest box office of imported film" and "the highest box office of the first week".

What's more, after the Tomb Sweeping Day, the weekly box office of Avengers 4 fell all the way in the two weeks before it was released, and it was as low as 400 million last week, which failed to catch up with the pre-sale results of a film. This kind of calm before the rainstorm is more terrible, the whole market is silent, just waiting for the crazy moment.

We pull data from different dimensions of cinema, cinema line and city to try to see who is the craziest in the "money grabbing" war?


On the first day of the release of Avengers 4, from the perspective of cinemas, the top ten box office cities are almost all first tier cities, with the only exception being Nanjing Xinjiekou international cinema, which ranks first. Xinjiekou is the most popular business district in Nanjing. Nanjing Xinjiekou international cinema is also the most popular cinema in Nanjing, which is almost on the top ten box office every week. However, it was an accident to win the title in one fell swoop. On April 24, there were 89 shows in the studio, 74 of which were "Avengers 4", accounting for 83%. The average ticket price and the average person time of "Avengers 4" reached a terrible 102 yuan and 74 people.

The number of Zhengjia cinemas in Guangzhou, which ranked second, is small. Although the proportion of film arrangement is as high as 91%, and the average person time is 86, which is higher than that of Xinjiekou in Nanjing, the number of screens is small. The number of pre-sale film arrangement in Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda, which ranked fourth, is 100%, but the average person time is only 43; Beijing jinquangang International Film City won the fourth place in the number of halls, with a total of 21 screens. Therefore, although the number of times and the average number of people per scene are not dominant, the number of wins is also in the forefront.

From the perspective of ticket price, there are 13 studios in China whose ticket price is higher than 200 yuan, and 336 studios whose ticket price is higher than 100 yuan. The figure below shows the top 10 studios with the highest ticket price. The first and second ones belong to high-end studios, and the price is usually higher. The last eight studios belong to ordinary studios. The price rise this time is entirely due to "Avengers alliance 4".