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How do you upload tiktok? Tiktok upload process

Tiktok, tiktok, tiktok, photo album, jitter, there are many meaningful video sets, short videos, making video to record the development of everyday life. It's very interesting. Many netizens tiktok don't know how to upload photos by jitter. Tiktok here, how to upload photos atlas, shake the tiktok upload process to introduce and understand.

How do you send tiktok? How do you upload photos attiktok?

1. tiktok, click the plus sign in the middle.

2. Click the upper left corner to upload.

3. Click on the picture.

4. Select the image you want to generate the image set video.

5. Click the top right corner to generate a photo movie.

6. Choose music, filter, adjust position, choose a perfect cover and click next.