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How to eliminate mosquitoes? A quick way to kill mosquitoes

As soon as summer comes, mosquitoes begin to move. Xiao Bian shares some tips today. Boiling vinegar at home, homemade sugar coated shells, and flowers at home can kill mosquitoes at home. Now let's take a concrete look at the method of eliminating mosquitoes.

How to eliminate mosquitoes


In summer, we should all have such an experience that the body will scratch and itch after being bitten by mosquitoes. How can we keep the mosquitoes away from us? Here's a recipe. You can put the boiled vinegar on a plate and put it in the room without closing the door. You won't be disturbed by mosquitoes all night.


A little trick can easily eliminate mosquitoes at home, no longer be disturbed by mosquitoes, first we prepare a container, we pour a little baking soda into the container, then pour a little detergent, finally we add a little brown sugar. Add a little water to dilute and stir well. Then turn on the flashlight. Put our homemade solution on this flashlight, in the corner where mosquitoes often appear. Through the sweet taste of brown sugar to attract mosquitoes, detergent can kill mosquitoes.

The method of eliminating characters quickly


We take a container, a pair of scissors, a piece of soap, and use the back of the scissors to scrape out the broken soap. Then pour in two teaspoons of washing powder, one teaspoon of sugar, and finally pour in water, stir well. We put the solution on the edge of the garbage can. As long as mosquitoes and flies fly in, there will be no return. No matter how many mosquitoes there are, they will not be afraid. Even the pot will be served together.


Flowers can be placed in the window, so that the fragrance of the flowers will make it difficult for mosquitoes to enter the room far away from the window, and other mosquito repellents with special smell can be put in the bedroom, so that mosquitoes will not come out or run away because they are afraid of the smell.