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How to eat goat milk fruit? What are the efficacy and function of goat milk fruit

Goat milk fruit is the most famous local specialty in Yunnan Province of China. When goat milk fruit is ripe, the meat is tender and there are a lot of juice. It tastes sweet and sour. However, many people have just heard of goat milk fruit, but they still don't know how to eat it. Today, Xiaobian will give you the common eating methods of goat milk fruit and the efficacy and function of goat milk fruit.

How to eat goat milk fruit

1. Those fresh and natural ripe goat milk fruit can be eaten directly. People can put goat milk fruit in their mouth after it is washed under clear water. At this time, they can taste the unique fresh and tender taste of goat milk fruit. Natural ripe goat milk fruit can also be put into the cooking machine, squeezed into juice before drinking, or canned or preserved before eating.

2. In Yunnan Province, they also have the habit of eating goat milk fruit by salting. They like to harvest goat milk fruit which is not yet fully cooked. After they go home, they put in the right amount of salt and pepper to mix and marinate. Later, goat milk fruit can be used for rice with porridge. At that time, goat milk fruit has a unique taste, with salty and spicy taste in sweet and sour, which can make people have a big appetite.

Efficacy and function of Capricorn

1. Supplement nutrition and nourish the body

Goat milk fruit is a kind of healthy fruit with high nutritional value. It can supplement rich fruit acid, plant protein and carbohydrate for human body. After these substances enter human body, they can promote human metabolism and improve the function of various organs. In addition, it also contains rich vitamins, which can nourish the body, relieve body deficiency, promote physical recovery and relieve human fatigue.

2. Cooling blood to stop bleeding

Goat milk fruit is a kind of slightly cold fruit. It can not only supplement rich nutrition for human body, but also play an important role in cooling blood and stopping bleeding. When people usually have bleeding diseases such as hematemesis, hemoptysis and bloody stool due to blood heat, timely use of goat milk fruit can stop bleeding as soon as possible and make the patient recover as soon as possible. In addition to these effects, goat milk fruit can also clear away heat and detoxification, also can be anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, it also has a particularly obvious therapeutic effect on human throat swelling and pain, cough and phlegm, abdominal pain and diarrhea.