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Harvard University found that 80% of e-cigarettes contain toxins. What are the hazards of e-cigarett

E-cigarette has become the favorite of many quitters in the past two years! Harvard University released the latest research results. After analyzing 75 mainstream e-cigarettes in the United States, the report found that nearly 1 / 4 of the samples contained bacterial toxins related to Escherichia coli and chlamydia, and nearly 80% contained mycotoxins, which may lead to asthma, lung failure and other diseases.

1. First of all, in order to achieve better results, some illegal businesses may add harmful substances to e-cigarette liquid, such as diethylene glycol instead of propylene glycol, nitrosamine, plasticizer, heavy metals, etc., which will cause great harm to human body. According to personal preference, chocolate, mint and other flavor spices are added to the smoke oil, and the quality of spices directly determines the harm of smoke oil.

2. Secondly, the quality of batteries used in some e-cigarettes is poor. Such lithium batteries have not passed compulsory safety and quality certification. Putting such lithium batteries in the narrow volume of e-cigarettes is like putting a time bomb into your mouth. The explosion of e-cigarettes in smokers in the first half of the year in the United States was caused by such lithium batteries.

3. In addition, some businesses have added excessive nicotine to e-cigarettes, which may lead to dizziness, nausea and vomiting, or poisoning.

4. In addition, many e-cigarettes on the market claim that "if you quit smoking successfully in 7 days, you'll get a refund if you don't succeed". They exaggerate the auxiliary effect of e-cigarettes on quitting smoking, and boast that e-cigarettes can quit smoking after smoking. As a result, many smokers buy them with high psychological expectation and wrong understanding. After using them, they find that they are not as magical as the propaganda says, so they are extremely worried Disappointed, and had a great misunderstanding of the product, once again lit the cigarette in hand, back to the embrace of harmful cigarettes, greatly reduced the enthusiasm and confidence to quit smoking.

5. There are many fake and inferior products and accidents in e-cigarette Market: there have been many fake and inferior e-cigarette products at home and abroad, and serious accidents caused by quality problems have aroused the media's attention and criticism of e-cigarette products in various countries.

How to prevent the harm of e-cigarette

Understand the principle, the preventive measures are very clear. We should try our best to choose the e-cigarettes produced by legitimate manufacturers, especially the oil produced by legitimate manufacturers.

Generally, the nicotine content is marked on the cigarette oil. The cigarette oil with low nicotine content should be selected instead of the cigarette oil with high nicotine content. Don't be greedy for the cheap and keep away from the fake.