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What's the matter with the old Lai list broadcast before Fu Lian 4? That's what we should do with La

What's the matter with the old Lai list broadcast before Fu Lian 4? In the early morning of April 24, there were no empty seats in the Xingxin era movie world of Lishui Jinhui square. Fans watching the premiere of "Fu Lian 4" saw a special "egg" before the opening of the film, a short flash of Liandu District Court on the consequences of default and a list of persons who have been executed for breach of faith. On each page of the list, 12 dishonest persons were exposed, and a total of 60 were exposed at one time, including name, photo, amount, etc.

The audience felt a little surprised and fresh, and some people even took out their mobile phones to take photos. "It's interesting to see the court flash for the first time in the cinema." "when we see the exposure in the cinema, we all know that these are & lsquo; Lao Lai & quot;, let them & lsquo; lose face & quot;, and pay back the money quickly. "& hellip; & hellip; Mr. Wang, a citizen, said," now the enforcement of the court is really very strong, and it's hard to move in debt and dishonesty. '

This is another measure taken by Liandu court to strengthen the enforcement of Lao Lai after Zhejiang court issued the "most stringent" enforcement measures in history. Before the film screening, Liandu court informed the legal consequences of the dishonest person who failed to fulfill the repayment obligation according to law and did not truthfully declare his property in the form of flash. It is reported that the film will be shown in a number of cinemas in Lishui City, with 38 shows per day and more than 2000 person times per day.

Mr. LAN, the person who was executed for breaking his promise, rushed to the court as soon as he went to work. 'I'll do it right away. 'he fulfilled all the debts of 50000 yuan and asked the court to remove his name from the exposure list. It turns out that his high school daughter is going to the cinema with her friends on the weekend. "Don't let the children see it!" Mr. Lan said anxiously.

Another group of school parents exploded because of a wechat. "Father Chen, I saw your name on the exposure list of the cinema. What's the matter?" Mr. Chen, who was named, didn't reply in the group after seeing it. He immediately rushed to the court to ask for payment by instalments. Speaking of this matter, Mr. Chen's wife repeatedly said, "shame is dead, and the children also feel shame. We must find a way to pay back the money. '

'compared with mobile news, cinema exposure is more powerful. For those who have the ability to refuse to fulfill their repayment obligations, refuse or falsely declare their property, the court will further strengthen the enforcement of compulsory measures, such as freezing, sealing up, summoning, detaining, imposing a fine, and even investigating criminal responsibility, so as to let them break their promise and be limited everywhere. The person in charge of the Executive Bureau of Liandu court said, "making full use of various platforms to form a global deterrence situation can not only urge the person to fulfill his obligations, but also remind the public to be cautious in conducting economic exchanges with these dishonest persons. '

Since 2018, Liandu court has issued a cumulative list of 5478 cases of dishonest persons to be executed, of which more than 300 are "Laolai" on LED displays and building TVs, and more than 80 have fulfilled their enforcement obligations.