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Who is Liu Jingyao? Is it true that Liu qiangdong encounters immortal dance

Original title: what's the reason for Liu Jingyao's immortal dance? Who is Liu Jingyao? What's the relationship between his personal information photo and Liu qiangdong

According to Weibo netizen @ Mingzhou incident, the video of Liu Qiang's dinner in dongmingzhou was exposed, and the woman invited Liu qiangdong into the hotel.

Liu qiangdong and the woman did not sit next to each other at the dinner, and there was no obvious drunken posture in their conversation with the people around them. A few seconds after Liu qiangdong and the others got up and left, the woman also got up and left together, and opened the door for Liu qiangdong at the door of the restaurant. Then they returned to the hotel together, and the woman also invited Liu qiangdong into the room. So far, the parties and the U.S. police have not responded to this matter. What do you think?

Liu qiangdong was accused of falling into a whirlpool of public opinion. The photo of a woman from the University of Minnesota exposed in the Liu Dongqiang incident, and the background of Liu Jingyao's personal data was stripped, which has a good future!

Jingyao Liu, a University of Minnesota student who accused Liu of rape, filed a civil lawsuit with a Minneapolis Court on Tuesday, claiming that he was raped by Liu qiangdong, Jingdong's chief executive, on August 31 last year.

In this lawsuit, Liu Jingyao accused Liu qiangdong of raping her, demanded compensation of $50000 from Liu qiangdong, and listed Jingdong as the defendant. Court documents said: 'the lawsuit was due to sexual assault and beatings, resulting in losses of more than $50000. 'four months ago, local prosecutors refused to bring criminal charges against Liu.

Women's photos of Liu Dongqiang incident

In response to Liu qiangdong's being sued, Jill brisbois, Liu's agent, said: we have not studied the other party's complaint and it is not convenient to comment on an ongoing lawsuit at present. Previously, the prosecutor's office of henneping County, Minnesota made a decision not to prosecute Mr. Liu qiangdong. We firmly believe that he is innocent. We strongly believe that the prosecution lacks factual basis, and we will resolutely defend him!

Earlier, the prosecutor's office of henneping County, Minnesota, announced that the woman's side would not prosecute Liu qiangdong for her sexual assault charges because of "serious evidence problems.". This also marks the acquittal of Liu qiangdong in criminal cases.

Peter Walsh, a lawyer for Jingdong group, also said that "we will firmly defend this false accusation against the woman's lawsuit against Jingdong at the same time.". '

It's obvious that the purpose of Liu Jingyao's prosecution is not money. Fifty thousand dollars is not much. However, Liu Jingyao's prosecution directly led to the sharp drop of the stock market in Jingdong. Netizens speculated that Liu qiangdong was made. Liu Jingyao is the important person in charge of the play. What is the truth!?