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Can crayfish and durian be eaten together? Can prawn and durian eat together poison

It's time for crayfish and durian to go on the market. Many people like these two kinds of food very much, but many friends are worried that they will eat together. Can crayfish and durian eat together? Will shrimp and durian be poisoned if they eat together?

Can crayfish and durian be eaten together

It's not recommended to eat together.

1. Traditional Chinese medicine stresses the nature and taste of food. Lobster is warm, sweet and salty; durian is hot, sweet and pungent. Both of them belong to warm food. Eating the same food can easily increase the dryness and heat in the body, which may cause fire and is not conducive to health.

2. In addition, the protein content of crayfish and durian is very high. If they eat a large amount of protein together, it is easy to cause excessive protein intake, which will aggravate the burden on the kidney, especially for the people with nephritis and renal dysfunction.

Is it arsenic that durian and shrimp eat together

That's the theory, but it's not that terrible.

It used to be said on the Internet that shrimp belongs to seafood, which contains pentavalent arsenic compounds. If you eat it with durian, which is rich in vitamin C, it will produce trivalent arsenic, which is often called 'arsenic', which is highly toxic.

But in fact, "to talk about the harm regardless of the dosage is to play a hooligan." at least you have to eat dozens of kilos of crayfish and durian at the same time to produce enough arsenic to cause poisoning symptoms. But it is estimated that no one's stomach can be so big

So in the usual shrimp and durian eat together, don't worry too much, usually nothing will happen. But for long-term safety, avoid eating prawns and durian together.

How to eat durian and shrimp poisoning

Generally, if you eat durian and shrimp in moderation, you won't suffer from nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms. It is considered that the food is not cleaned or the food is not fresh.

If there are symptoms of suspected poisoning, it is recommended to go to the hospital in time or dial 120 emergency call. During the period, you can drink more hot water to promote metabolism.

How long is the interval between shrimp and Durian

It's better to take it about 2 hours.

Generally, after eating shrimp, it takes about 1-2 hours for the shrimp in the stomach to be fully digested and absorbed into the intestine. Therefore, if you eat durian after about hours, there will be no case of two kinds of food being mutually complementary.