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Is Sri Lanka a country? Where is it? Introduction to Sri Lanka

Easter, April 21 local time, is the last day of Sri Lanka's New Year holiday. Originally, it was a symbol of rebirth and hope. Originally, the whole country of Sri Lanka was celebrating enthusiastically. Who had expected that a series of explosions of "destroying the sky and destroying the earth" would become the darkest day in Sri Lanka. For many people, I don't know where Sri Lanka is. Today I'm going to popularize science for you.

So far, there have been nine bombings in Sri Lanka, which have killed 290 people and injured about 500 people. Two Chinese citizens have been confirmed dead, five injured and five lost.

No one thought that such a disaster would happen to this' Pearl 'in the Indian Ocean, a country famous for its smile. You may not know about this country.

Regional location

Sri Lanka is an island country in the Indian Ocean. It is located between 5 ° 55 to 9 ° 50 north latitude and 79 ° 42 to 81 ° 53 east longitude. It is at the southern end of the South Asian subcontinent and faces the Indian peninsula across the Baoke Strait in the northwest. It is 432 kilometers long from north to South and 224 kilometers wide from east to west, covering an area of 65610 square kilometers.

The world's largest corneal donor

For half a century, Sri Lanka has maintained an important world record - corneal donation. Although its population is only over 20 million, Sri Lanka is the largest corneal donor in the world. It has donated at least 160000 corneas to its international eye bank, and every president is a donor. They have also worked with many Chinese cities to export large quantities of corneas to China, which is short of organs;

In 1958, a Sri Lankan medical student named Hudson & middot; Silva wrote an article "life to dead eye" in a newspaper, calling for more corneal donation. This article aroused great repercussions at that time, and was widely regarded as a spark to ignite Sri Lanka's enthusiasm for corneal donation.

In 1961, Silva, who has become an ophthalmologist, successively established Sri Lanka international eye bank, human tissue bank and Sri Lanka eye donation Association in Colombo, which have become the most important way of corneal donation in Sri Lanka for more than 50 years, and one of the most widely contacted institutions in Sri Lanka. More and more Sri Lankans have also expressed their willingness to donate free of charge, from a few to dozens to hundreds every month, and finally developed into today's national good deeds.

Why can it be called "good deeds of the whole people"?

According to the official website of Sri Lanka eye donation Association, from 1961 to 2017, their eye bank has received nearly 160000 corneas. In the past two years, this number has been growing at the rate of 4000 to 8000 pieces per year.

In addition, about 1.3 million people have signed voluntary donation letters. Compared with Sri Lanka's total population of more than 20 million, this means that, on average, there is one donor in every 20 Sri Lankans & hellip; & hellip;

A country of laughter

In addition to being the world's largest corneal donor, Sri Lanka is also known as the "smiling country". Whether it's children at school, old people sitting on the roadside, or hawkers struggling for a living in the market, they all have smiles on their faces.

How enthusiastic are Sri Lankan children? Friends who have been to Sri Lanka once described to me: "when I see you from afar, I will say hello to you and give me five. Even after you take photos of them, I will thank you. '

I don't know who said that smile is the universal greeting in the world, which seems to have the best confirmation in Sri Lanka. They treat every visitor to Sri Lanka with their unique tenderness.

The criminals who planned this terrorist attack, however, deliberately want to destroy these smiling faces and destroy the peace that Sri Lankan people have managed to build after 30 years of civil war.

The perfect resort

In recent years, Sri Lanka's tourism industry has developed better and better, and it is known as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean'.

It not only won the first place of "top 10 best travel countries in 2019" by lonely planet, but also attracted many stars to go on holiday.

There is no shortage of high-quality coast, and it is a traditional resort from the west to the southwest. It is also known as' the country with the most beautiful train line in the world '. The most beautiful' mountain train 'and' seaside train 'are like people crossing into the fairy tale world.

Niganbu, a small coastal city in Sri Lanka, originally concentrated all the customs of Southeast Asia, is a perfect resort. There are no cars whistling by, no dust all over the sky, the hotel is built on the beach, out is the sea. What's particularly wonderful here is the sunset on the beach in the evening, beautiful enough to make people forget the passage of time.

The long planned bomb destroyed the homes of all the residents in the small town. I don't know how the criminals who came to this small town to bury bombs at that time could look at people's smiling faces and stable life and make such cruel acts!

No matter what the reason or demand, this kind of attack against innocent people is unforgivable! May the explosion never happen again, may people be safe, and may this smiling country be treated gently.