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What's a good Android phone to buy this year? List of the most expensive Android phones in 2019

Do you think the world's top ten most expensive mobile phones are your iPhone? Xiaobian can only say that you guessed right, but it's not right. So what's a good Android phone to buy this year? Here is the list of the most expensive Android phones in 2019.

10. Nokia 8800 gold version ¥ 6800

Let's talk about the No. 10 gold version of Nokia 8800. 8800 gold version also inherits the classic style of previous 8800 series, and the luxury level is suffocating. In order to make the 8800 bigger, Nokia has chosen a stainless steel shell and added a large number of gold elements to the whole body. The whole body adopts 18K gold plating process, combined with high-grade customized natural texture leather. Nokia has also introduced many trend elements for it. For example, the mobile phone screen is not only made of unique glass and metal materials, but also can be displayed elegantly by tapping the mobile phone The clock.

9. Motorola V220 Special Edition

The luxury mobile phone made by Austrian Peter aloisson company is inlaid with 1200 natural diamonds on the surface of the mobile phone body, and the keyboard of the mobile phone is decorated with 18K gold. The dazzling luxury mobile phone body is really eye-catching.

8. Nokia Vertu diamond ¥ 88000

Vertu diamond is made of 18K gold and 18K white gold full set diamonds. There are 729 full whitening diamonds and 205 rare yellow diamonds. Then it is set by highly skilled Swiss technicians. There is a global limited issue of 20.

7. Apple iPhone Princess plus ¥ 176400

The fuselage is made of 18K platinum material, and 318 expensive diamonds are inlaid around the fuselage, weighing up to 17.75 carats. Among them, 138 diamonds are made by princess cut, while the other 180 diamonds are made by polishing cut.

6. Vipn Black Diamond

The almost all black panel 'sparkles with black light'. The fuselage is made of polycarbonate + titanium alloy + platinum through seamless technology, and the frameless screen under sapphire glass is more luxurious.

5. Vertu signature Cobra ¥ 310000 US dollars

Signature Cobra limited edition has 439 Ruby inlays on its body and two emeralds on its eyes. Eight of them are issued worldwide and only one in China. The latter has a total of 48 diamonds, while the pure gold shop has a total of 943 round cut diamonds, and 26 of them have been issued around the world.

4. Diamond crypto ¥ 1.3 million US dollars

The body of this mobile phone is inlaid with 50 diamonds, of which 8 are rare blue colored diamonds, and the buttons are made of 18k rose gold. The mobile phone is also equipped with Windows CE operating system and communication encryption function.

3. Goldvish Le million

This' Le million 'mobile phone is a diamond mobile phone launched by the company in 2006. Under the platinum shell of the whole mobile phone, it has a total of 120 carats WS-1 broken diamond inlay, and the back is made of crocodile skin. Limited to 100 sets in the world, the price of more than one million euros made it the most expensive mobile phone in the world.

2. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS supreme

The iPhone 3GS supreme uses 271 grams of 22ct Gold, and 136 flawless f-diamonds are inlaid on the edge of the phone. The total weight of the diamonds is 68 carats. In addition, the apple logo on the back of the fuselage is inlaid with 53 flawless diamonds with a total weight of 1 carat, while the navigation key on the front of the fuselage is made of a rare diamond with a weight of 7.1 carat.

1. IPhone 5 diamond version ¥ 15.3 million US dollars

Joe, a mysterious tycoon from Hong Kong, has commissioned a British designer to build an iPhone 5 that costs nearly 100 million yuan (US $15.3 million). Yes, to highlight its luxury, it is made of a combination of 24 karat gold, white diamonds and rare black diamonds. It is reported that in order to build the most expensive iPhone 5, the mysterious rich named Joe contributed a 26 card black diamond (used in the home key) to the designer. In addition to the black diamond, the iPhone 5, which took nine months to build, also contains 600 white diamonds, sapphire glass screen and 24K gold weighing 135g. With such a high price, you can almost buy several luxury houses in Hollywood, and most movie stars will not be willing to buy them. This mobile phone is the most expensive one in the world and history.