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Can pop up ads of Xiaomi mobile phone be closed? How to close Xiaomi pop-up ads

Xiaomi mobile phone is also one of the mobile phone brands that many friends like, but we will find that Xiaomi mobile phone has pop-up ads in use, which is very annoying. So how to turn off the pop-up ads of Xiaomi mobile phone? The following Xiaobian will teach you how to turn off the pop-up ads of Xiaomi mobile phone.

Xiaomi top pop-up advertisement closing method

Step 1: turn on settings - more settings - system security - advertising service, and then turn off personalized advertising recommendation

Step 2: turn on Xiaomi Video - Settings - online service and turn it off

Step 3: turn on weather - Settings - weather information and turn it off

Part 4: calendar - Settings - function settings, turn off the push switch inside

Part 5: Security Center - Settings - recommendations, turn off the switch.

After a few simple steps, your mobile phone screen is much more refreshing, no more annoying pop-up ads, for advertising off, do you still need to add?