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How long does postpartum lochia meet to arrange commonly? How to drain lochia

How long does lochia finish? People who have given birth to babies all know that lochia discharge is a necessary process, so how long does postpartum lochia finish? Let's get to know!

How long does lochia finish

It mainly depends on the physical condition of the pregnant mother. Some people have one week, some people have two weeks, and even some people haven't cleaned up for six weeks. But don't worry, it's normal.

It is a good thing for a woman to discharge lochia after giving birth to a baby, because it is conducive to the rapid recovery of the uterus. You can imagine that if the garbage in the uterus has been accumulating, it must be very bad for the body, so you must discharge lochia after giving birth to a baby.

Although the normal lochia has some bloody smell, it basically has no putrid smell. If you find a smell when you discharge lochia, it must be something wrong with your body. You must check it in time. Uterine problems are generally major events and should be handled carefully.

What is the lochia after birth

Lochia mainly refers to the excretion of some organs, such as the placenta, which are originally developed in the baby's belly after delivery. The substances often excreted are accompanied by fishy smell, and some synthetic wastes such as epithelial cells.

Lochia emission is a very normal physiological phenomenon, you expectant mothers, don't worry. The maximum amount of lochia is in the first week after production, and the color is relatively red. This is because it contains a lot of blood, such as small blood clots and necrotic decidua. With the increase of time, these substances gradually fade.

How to drain lochia completely:

1. Keep the lower body clean

No matter when, women must keep the health of the lower body, because women's physiological structure is special, so they need to be well protected, especially after giving birth to the baby. It's best to wash with warm water after each defecation to avoid cross infection, which is very helpful for timely discharge of lochia.

2. The posture should be adjusted

If expectant mothers want to completely discharge lochia, they must keep the opposite position of perineal wound when lying on the bed after giving birth to the baby. That is to say, if the side cut of the wound is on the left side, then you can use the right lying position to lie on the bed, and this will not only help to discharge lochia, but also avoid touching the wound when discharging lochia, which will cause injury Second injury, accelerate the healing of lateral incision.

After giving birth to a baby, mothers must not be too anxious to expel lochia, should conform to their own body recovery degree, keep a good mood, healthy life rules, naturally will recover very well.