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Can Gardenia be raised indoors? How about Gardenia in the bedroom

When it comes to gardenia, do you unconsciously sing in your heart that teacher he's gardenia is blooming and blooming ~, gardenia fragrance is very clear, and flowers are also very beautiful, so many people like to keep them, but some people doubt whether Gardenia can be kept indoors? Let's have a look.

Is the fragrance of Gardenia poisonous

Gardenia is totally harmless.

Gardenia is not only non-toxic, but also can purify the air, light fragrance is very pleasant, can be safely planted indoors, placed on the computer desk or I am inside, the atmosphere is not good, decorative effect is better.

Can Gardenia be put in the bedroom

Gardenia had better not be kept in the bedroom.

The fragrance of gardenia is harmless to people. In addition to ornamental gardenia, its flowers, fruits, leaves and roots can be used as medicine. It has the functions of clearing away heat and diuresis, cooling blood and detoxifying, redness of eyes, swelling and pain, and lowering blood pressure. But it should be noted that if the fragrance is too strong, it will make people excited and affect sleep at night.

How can Gardenia flower bloom

1. Gardenia planted well, will continue to bloom throughout the year. It's better to cut off the flowers after the flowers wither, or cut off the accessories first, so as to open the next flower more quickly. After the flower has withered, it can also be pruned properly to cut off the interspersed branches (the purpose is to make the branches grow outwards). )

2. Too much water causes the soil to get wet. So although we should keep the soil moist, we should not over water it. Or come over again and again criterion: soil surface some mediocre again watering.

3. Gardenia can change pots every spring when it is young, and don't change pots too hard when it is adult, as long as the soil is not hardened, there is no need to change pots. If it is indoor kind, illumination is insufficient certainly, had better be add labor illumination.