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Fulian 4 Douban scored 9.2, box office broke one billion, the only bad comment is because of this

In the expectation of millions of Marvel fans, the final battle of the Avengers series has arrived as scheduled. Although the premiere of Avengers 4: the final battle is in the early morning, although the film lasts as long as three hours, the audience who come to watch is still in high spirits. It's time to say goodbye to the heroes. They will have their own final ending. At present, the box office of Fulian 4 has exceeded one billion. Did you go to the cinema to support it?

The real-time box office of "Avengers 4" can give an answer to how enthusiastic everyone is about it. As of the publication time, the total box office of "Avengers 4" has exceeded 1 billion, including 700 million real-time box office and 300 million pre-sale box office. On the opening day, "Avengers 4" won the audience with 6% attendance, accounting for more than 98.5% of the total box office The total box office of Avengers 4 is expected to surpass Wu Jing's domestic sci-fi blockbuster wandering earth. Even if it's not a weekend holiday, "Avengers" iron powder still hopes to know the ending of the story at the first time and accompany the hero to the end of the chapter.

We know that Marvel movies have always maintained a high reputation, among which the Douban score of iron man is 8.1 points, and the same Douban score of 8.1 points are Avengers alliance and Avengers alliance 3. What Xiaoba didn't expect is that the score of Avengers alliance 4 has broken the record. At present, the Douban score of this final episode has been updated, with more than 72000 viewers giving comments. Come on Let's see how many points the audience gave to the end of the war!

Yes, you are right. The score of "Avenger League 4" Douban is as high as 9.2, which is a new 8.1 score of "Avenger League" series. 70% of the audience gave five-star reviews, and more than 20% of the audience gave four-star reviews. The rate of bad reviews is only 1.8%. The reason for the bad reviews is clear. Why do some audiences give bad reviews to "Avenger League 4"?

We know that the first generation of couplet consists of six Heroes: iron man, Raytheon, Captain America, eagle eye, widowed sister and Benner. In Avengers 4, widowed sister voluntarily sacrifices herself for the soul gem, while iron man puts on infinite gloves to protect the world, which calls for the destruction of the hegemonic Army. Later, she died on the spot, and the audience also commented on his business trip.

Seeing that only two of the six members of the original Avengers alliance were left, including a wife and Tony Stark, the iron man who loved his' 3000 times' baby daughter, died in the final battle, some viewers commented: give poor reviews, why do you have to let iron man die? There are Thor and surprise captain, why do you want iron man to ring his fingers? Some viewers commented: No, there are so many heroes, and there are few in the end If you want to protect the gloves, you have to let iron man die and make the end of the war more solemn and stirring. What's worse? The audience commented: there are still four people left in the first generation of Fu Lian. Why did iron man die? Why did my sister die? Marvel, that's what you gave me. As the audience said, iron man could not have died. The hero wearing infinite gloves could have been Thor, or Captain Marvel, or so on In order to set off the effect of the plot, iron man has become a victim. At this point, the audience wants to see the fantasy of Iron Man 4 become empty. Do you agree with this kind of 'ending war'?